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This 4 week program begins August 2021, Limited Space Available, Deadline July 20, 2021

Is your shadow emerging?

Do you want to give up, yet, something deep within you tells you not to give up, that there’s something more? Is there some Divine voice within beckons you to keep going, to keep plowing through because there will be rewards on the other side.You have all of these big goals and dreams that you’ve always envisioned yourself accomplishing, yet no matter what you do everything seems to fail. Even though you want to give up, this spark within you tells you to go above and give it it another try.

Right now do you feel you aren’t hitting your own goals consistently no matter how motivated you get toward them and find yourself cycling the same behaviors over and over again? Do you feel overwhelmed and see yourself spiral into spouts of depression, sadness, anxiety or stress? When things get hard do you feel alone, unconnected and unsupported? You don’t know how to emotionally support yourself let alone your friends or family if something bad happens?

Moon Alchemy isn’t just a group program, it is a live group container filled with other individuals just like you, who are willing to delve deep into themselves to uncover their true essence to really step up as a spiritual leader from a place of authenticity and integrity.

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Shadow work is healing work that is dedicated to your biggest, scariest inner-demons. AKA- your darkness, shadow or moon side. Everything that you’ve ever believed about yourself exists within the shadow. The shadow is a subconscious realm where we store our traumas, childhood wounds, limiting beliefs, and biggest fears.  The shadow grows when we feed it shame, guilt, and judgment.  

When our shadow side emerges we begin to feel we’ve exhausted so much energy into staying afloat, but somehow, something keeps pulling us under. We keep questioning the amount of shit we can handle.  We become mad at everyone around us and believe when will it become too much, where is our breaking point. When can I ever catch a break? What will happen if I let it all go?

The truth is we’re craving intimacy. We desire abundance. We just want to be seen. We desire to be loved. We want to be honored. And, we can’t even remember the last time we truly felt pleasure because we’re freaking drowning. We sometimes wish we could start all over and not have to deal with all that’s on our plate. We go back and forth between feeling like we can muster up the courage to get through life or that we rather just say fuck it and let it all go to waste. Some larger voice beckons us to keep going, to keep plowing through because there will be rewards on the other side.

I had always been that girl that sucked it up and put a fake cheesy smile on my face so that no one would suspect I was suffering. I didn’t want anyone to know how deeply I was hurting.  In fact, I went out of my way to make my life look absolutely perfect because I couldn’t be viewed as a problem child. I felt weakened if people saw me in my most vulnerable state. Instead of consciously dealing with my issues, I ran away from the truth.

I had little self-worth. I fell for all the wrong men, let my body be taken advantage of, had horrible sexual encounters, undermined my intelligence, and let people walk all over me. I stayed silent when I wished to speak up. I said yes when I really wanted to say no. I stayed in situations longer than I should have. And, I never fully had the courage to stay committed to a better future. Every time I tried to change for the better, something kept pulling me back down.

I finally reached a point in my life where I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had no idea how I would ever survive all the curveballs life was throwing at me. The pressure got too heavy and I lost all desire to fake it.  My smile turned into deep despair and I allowed what I was feeling on the inside to be expressed on the outside. I was insanely pissed off at the Universe for giving me the circumstances I experienced in this lifetime.  I wanted a redo. I fucking begged for it.

What I came to learn was that running away from my problems was actually me running away from my own shadow. I did not have the strength at that time to look at my darkness. I was petrified to relive my past. I was so fucking scared to feel what my body craved for me to feel. It wasn’t until I literally had zero fight left within me to proceed forward when my shadow came knocking at my door…. and I welcomed it in with open arms.

Then my shadow came screaming at me, determined to be heard. There in my face, I could no longer run, my shadow was banging my door, I had no choice but to allow it in. At first, it was painful and I had no idea what the hell I was doing. All of the past that I ran away from was reliving itself within my body and it HURT. I did not know how to make it better. I begged for help and prayed to God, the Universe, any spiritual being who would hear me, for a miracle to happen and take my suffering away. I was paralyzed by my emotions; the only thing I could do was feel.

Once I allowed myself to feel, I started to see more clearly. For once, I wasn’t immune to pain. For once, I actually wasn’t numb. For once, the flood gates opened to the past that I ran away from and it hit me deep into the core of my soul. I literally felt everything from the early childhood traumas I suppressed, to the abuse I put up with from others, and even the ways in which the world was crying out for help. I felt it all. And in feeling, I got to know myself. The self I buried in my shadow.

Knowing myself was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. I got to learn the truth of who I was. I was able to feel what I deeply desired to stand for. I got to meet the truth of my soul. I was able to deeply understand who I came to this planet to be and why. I felt the truths I wanted to speak. I felt the love I desired to receive. I even saw the ways that I needed to love myself.

My shadow spoke Universal truth right into the seat of my soul. It was a wake up call. And I listened intently.

If you are avoiding your shadow you are avoiding your true self. It’s kind of like emotions. You cannot choose which emotions you turn on and off, they are either all on or not at all (as someone with depression I know what that is like). When you ignore the darkness of your shadow, that means that there is light you are also repressing.

Engaging with your shadow self involves engaging and stepping into both your highest and your lowest self. It truly brings the full depth to our human experience in a way that is unmatched in other modalities or work. Doing shadow work is the only way to truly be in full alignment.

Whether you are an experienced healer or never read a tarot card before, this course will help engage your relationship with self in a new way..

Moon Alchemy was created with intention, flowing through the energy phases of the moon to create a fully embodied experience that becomes a lifestyle. A lifestyle that aligns with your true, authentic self.

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Moon Alchemy Unique Features

Support: Have access to all workshops, calls, conversations and connections for the rest of your life. Access to Ann Marie daily via e-mail, messanger or text the duration of our time together (4 Weeks)

Guidance: Throughout the program, get two individual card readings. One to help connect to your higher self, and one to help you better uncover your shadows that are asking to be addressed in the present moment. Weekly group coaching sessions, divination, dream work, hypnotherapy, spiritual coaching, synchronicity exploration and so much more!

Materials to Back You Up: Straight forward and guided resources to facilitate your deep relationship with self, shadow and others.

Tribe: Connect with like-minded individuals on the same journey as you. Discover accountability partners, supporters and lifetime friends.

6 Spaces Available for July 2021 Enrollment

Only $99

(Course begins August 2021)

Going through a healing journey can be daunting and feel lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. This is not only a safe space to grow but to connect with other like minded individuals.

Become a free woman that isn’t weighed down by her past. It is my deepest wish and desire for you to dive fully in and say YES to love, life, and freedom. You have to be the one to put in the work, sista. This course is just the medium to show you how to do it.

Ready to jump in?

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