Solar Plexus Color Bath


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The Solar Plexus Chakra strongly influences your identity and sense of self worth. The 3rd chakra or Manipura which translates to “lustrous gem.” This chakra is where your self-confidence, identity and personal power reside.


A refreshing combination of oils to help increase your mind power, keep you alert and exhilarate your being. This synergistic blend will help to motivate your thoughts into fruition.


A fun and easy way for your body to absorb the benefits of vibrational frequencies. Bathing in the natural element of water combined with color creates an incredible healing atmosphere–one that the body recognizes and enjoys.

Each color of the spectrum of light vibrates at a different frequency thereby giving you its own special qualities and influence. Color has its own powerful language. Since our human development begins in a water environment (the womb and giver of life), imagine the strength and power when color and water are combined.

Solar Plexus Chakra affirms “Radiate your power in the world”


Solar Plexus Chakra Bath Salt: himalayan sea salt, epsom salt, chamomile, grapefruit and rosemary in a base of Jojoba

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