Rose of Jericho



Rose of Jericho Plant | Resurrection Plant

Rose of Jericho is a powerful plant known to bring wealth, protection, prosperity while absorbing negative energy. The power of the Rose of Jericho to resurrect from the dried or death condition is also symbolizing transformation & energy renewal. A great manifesting tool!

Think of your intentions of using the plant while administering the following instructions.. Place plant in a bowl & add water (I use moon water) over it just enough to fill the bottom of the bowl covering the plants roots. Each day for the next 4 days add water to the plant while thanking the plant for manifesting your intention. After the 4th day allow the water to evaporate, on the 7th dayremove your Rose of Jericho from the water & allow it to dry up. The Rose of Jerich can be used over & over & passed down from generations!

It can take 1- 4 hours for the plant to open & up to a few days for it to fully transform.

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