Moon Goddess Attraction Soap


The Full Moon is a powerful time for all ritual & magickal workings. As the moon reaches its zenith and prepares to wane once again, we are invited to also release what has reached fruition & allow it to wane. Remind yourself as you wash, just like the moon, you too are beautiful & glorious in ALL of your phases.


In my practice I use Full Moon energy to release, cleanse, & clear. At the New Moon I focus on growth, as the moon prepares for its inevitable journey towards fullness. I always strive to make ritual a natural & easy part of my day. For me, bath magic is the perfect way. to do this. To use this bar simply imagine all that you wish to release rising to the surface of your skin, & being gently scrubbed away by the charcoal infused into the bar. Feel the water wash everything away, leaving you clean & renewed for the weeks ahead. At the New Moon presents cleansing self & personal growth. We’ve released now we are GROWING as the Moon grows with the New Moon. This phase is a perfect time to focus on magick that puts things into motion. A time for new beginnings, new adventures, new habits with revitalized energy & strength increase.

Remind yourself as you wash, just like the moon, you too are beautiful & glorious in ALL of your phases.

Invoke the energy of the moon with our Moon Goddess Attraction soap. This luxurious moon soap has healing properties, skin-loving hydrating ingredients with 100% natural pheremone, 100% theraputic grade essential oils & herbs that correspond with the moon cycles. A soap to help you connect with your inner Goddess, womb, sex & dream magick. Dressed & blessed with Reiki energy, oils & herbs to identify with the element & waxing phases of the Moon.

Your ritual is complete during the New & Full Moon to attract your wishes & desires.

Each soap is individually handmade, henceforth the saturation of color and detail may vary.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, glycerine (kosher, of vegetable origin), shea butter, goats milk, 100% grade A honey, pure essential oils, 100 % natural pheremone, dried herbs, mica

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Weight 3.0 oz

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