New Moon in Virgo Circle

September feels to be a month for setting the stage of what’s to come!

October will be a month of huge cosmic shifts & changes, & it seems that all through September, we will be getting nudges of this energy. We may begin feeling a need to make changes in our own lives, or we may be seeing things shift & change in the world around us. We are choosing timelines.

Join us for group readings, energy talk & New Moon ritual uniting our powers to create & plant our seeds of intention for the cycle that is to come.

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Turning Pain Into Power Masterclass

Join Ann Marie of Lifestyle Goddess in this FREE masterclass as we dive deep into the core principles of shadow work that will insert life-changing personal growth into your day-to-day living so you can live the life you always wanted to live. Experience a FREE Energy Clearing Session. Register below…

Your Twin Flame Journey

Answers to your questions:

  • What are twin flames?
  • Am I with my twin flame?
  • How can I bring my twin into my life?
  • What shadows do I need to become aware of right now?
    An I in alignment with my Twin?
    What can I do right now to align with my Twin?
    Are there any blocks, patterns or condioning I need to release for my Twin Union?

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