Mindful Monday Minute: Focused Attention

One of the key ingredients to success is focus. Many people consider it as the most crucial element for success. This is simply because focus acts as a gateway to all your thinking mechanisms which includes memory, problem solving, decision making, learning, & perception. This is why it is very important to know how to... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday Minute: Sensory Awareness

We use our senses in most types of meditation. Those types of meditation include mindfulness, concentration, movement, etc. But we can also meditate on the senses themselves -- their input & their means of perceiving "reality." We gain benefits from sensory awareness. These are generally the same benefits which we acquire from mindfulness meditation: we... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday Minute: Body Scan

This is one of my favorite mindful practices. The Body Scan is designed to help you feel & bring awareness to the myriad of sensations that occur throughout your body. By practicing this meditation regularly, you can improve your body awareness. This also works with discovering & releasing pain & difficult emotions in the body. Most people report... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday Minute: Self-Compassion

What is self-compassion? Self-compassion can be defined as learning to treat yourself the way you would treat a good friend when they suffer, fall short or fail in some way. Mindful Self-Compassion combines the skills of mindfulness & self-compassion, providing a powerful tool for emotional resilience. Having compassion for yourself is really no different than having... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday Minute: Just Breathe

Ahhhh breathing. Something we don't really put much thought into, yet without it we wouldn't survive more than several minutes. The simple act of breathing can be so powerful when used in an intended way. Want to surrender? Breathe. Forgive? Breathe. Control a panic attack? Breathe. Ground yourself or get into the moment? Breathe. Breathing... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday Minute: A Way Of Seeing

This morning, here in south Florida, it's raining. The sun is shining, the sky is mostly clear & yet it's raining. If you were here with me, you'd see beautiful shades of yellow & orange reflecting through the rain drops. A cluster of white, fluffy clouds & a halo of golden light peaking through them.... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday Minute: Letting Go

With all the intense energy around us right now, there is no question we are in a transformational month. The effects of this current energy likely comes in signs of increased anxiety & emotions, irritability, frustration, impatience, lethargy, & forgetfulness. Our past may seem to reappear in order to forgive & make amends so we can... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday Minute-Trataka (Eye Gazing)

Trataka is a yogic technique from India, from the Kundalini tradition. Trataka or Eye Gazing is a method for developing concentration. If you are having trouble focusing, or feel too distracted, prolonged practice to trataka will help to concentrate your mind. Traditionally, trataka is believed to cure eye diseases, purify the nervous system, & to stimulate the... Continue Reading →

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