Join us at Spirit Fest Orlando!

Come by for a special reading/healing session with me this weekend while browsing our booth for your magickal herbs, ritual soaps & bath teas, custom smudge sticks for all your protection, manifesting & cleansing needs & so much more! Lots of vendors, practitioners, healers, artists, and speakers set for this fair! Look for our Lifestyle Goddess... Continue Reading →

Magickal herbs, soaps, bath teas & more!

Live life magickally & come experience the magickal world of herbs, rituals, oils & smudging. RARE & powerful magickal herbs for rituals, spells, incense & teas, such as Jericho Flower, High John Root, Solomon's Seal Root, Mandrake Root, Vervain, Red Sandalwood & more! Chakra soaps & oils, ritual bath teas, soaps, bath salts & more!... Continue Reading →

Full Moon in Libra Circle

Join us for group readings, releasing ritual & Air energy talk for this Full Moon in Libra! We will be doing a special "home blessing" protection cleansing.... For this ritual you will need: Incense or smudge stick Candle Bowl of Moon water or water Sea salt Crushed egg shells (salt also can be used) You... Continue Reading →

Full Moon Pyramid Meditation

This light body activation will bring new energy in your life while relasing mental, emotional, physical & spiritual blocks. Step into your own power by activating your light body & harness the healing light of the Full Moon during a guided visualization meditation. Let's create space for the powerful light of the Full Moon to... Continue Reading →

2021 Vision Board Workshop

Ready to Release 2020 and Manifest an Abundant 2021? Join us for an inspiring vision board workshop! Learn to organize your thoughts and goals in an intentional way while expressing them in a collage of images and phrases and colors Create your 2021 vision, pick your Word of the Year... Everything you need to create... Continue Reading →

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