Pivotal May

We're almost half way through 2020 & what a ride it's been! 2020 was always destined to be a big year, of course we expected more magic than chaos but.... well....that's how the Universe shows us what we need to do! We don't make changes when we're comfortable & many of us have been UNcomfortable... Continue Reading →

Peace Is An Inside Job

I think it's safe to say that globally we have been deeply affected by currents events. This experience will change our reality as we know it. This is a time for reassessing how we live our lives & what's truly important to us. We are turning to simplier ways to live & recognizing the gifts... Continue Reading →

Monday Guided Meditation Class

Learn to live life with a new mindset at this weekly meditation gathering, with classes led by Ann Marie of Lifestyle Goddess. Come together likeminded people in the most amazing setting. Learn how to breathe, relax, chill and just be present. Bring a mat to sit on. If you suffer from lower back pains, bring... Continue Reading →

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