Your Hidden Superpower: The Power of Vulnerability

What does it mean to be vulnerable? The definition of vulnerability from is “the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.”

And yet we have been conditioned to believe being vulnerable is a sign of weakness, the truth is we can not truly manifest our dreams without the very superpower we’ve been hiding…vulnerability. To be vulnerable takes courage & strength. Humans by nature are a social species.  While most of us think we want close connections, we resist vulnerability, the very trait that makes that connection possible.

What if I told you that your success could be being hindered by your inability to be vulnerable? The key ingredient to success is the ability to identify when to be vulnerable, to be in the support role & to let others take the lead. So where are you vulnerable? Staying small keeps you away from the possibility of emotional attack. It also holds you back from asking for what you desire most deeply. Moving forward toward your dream life will require you to be vulnerable. Our true power depends on our willingness to be vulnerable.

As my favoirite speaker Brene Brown puts it, “Vulnerability is about having the courage to show up & be seen.” Our reasons for avoiding being vulnerable are deeply personal & specific to our unique experience. They often tie back to very early in our lives (which is hidden in our shadow side). We learned how to relate from our earliest relationships. We absorbed how our parents saw & treated us, themselves, & others. Limitations in our environment or ruptures in our childhood relationships gave us a model for how we now see ourselves & the world around us. Many of us struggle with vulnerability because of fear, but we also fail to fully realize all of the ways we protect & distance ourselves from others. It may feel like we’re doing the right thing by keeping our mouths shut, when in fact, we should be doing just the opposite. The August New Moon is a powerful time to do shadow work & discover where we’re protecting our vulnerable selves.

This New Moon in in Leo & the 888 Lion’s Gate Portal is one of the most powerful times to manifest  because it’s a supercharged day for dreaming big. This is a day where we connect with & download higher frequencies with greater ease. Lion’s Gate 88 is a portal that is activated by the rising of the star, Sirius, the Leo Sun, & the numerology of 88. 88 is said to represent DNA activations, so on this day, we can activate our DNA with light codes sent by the star, Sirius, which is considered our Spiritual Sun.

This New Moon is one of the most magical days & brings some high-frequency energy our way. While high-frequency energy can be used for manifestation, healing, & spiritual work, we may have to be mindful of allowing this high-frequency energy to tip us into states of anxiety or heightened emotions.

Use the energy of this day to be gentle with yourself, to practice self-care, mindfulness & to set intentions for the months to come. In fact, this is a power day for intention setting, so be sure to take the time to set some goals, create your vision board, set intentions or write down some affirmations for yourself.

Vulnerabity takes strength & this is the lesson of this high frequency New Moon. To surrender & let go of pushing yourself. Let go of time frames & frustrations that you are not where you think you should be. You are exactly where you are suppose to be! Surrender to that, Divine timing!

When we surrender we align with the flow of the Universe & all it’s supportive energies & our own truth. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable we connect & relate to one another. We connect to back to Oneness which leads us to gratitude which leads us to the goodness, beauty & blessings we truly have already around us.

Use this time of this magickal energy to generate self- love, & gently invite creativity back into your life. Be OK with all, the good, bad & shameful because it’s all part of who you are today. Without it, you wouldn’t be the unique, magnificent soul you are right now. Becoming distracted by life’s “busy” energy we forget what it means to play or just become one with nature. Looking back at the most memorable moments, you’ll notice they were series of simple moments. Like Christmas morning for me, I remember how excited I was to get prensents umder the tree, but the memory of Christmas contains the many Christmas’ I had with my sisters. They are the memorable moments, it wasn’t a significant moment, it was a series of moments that I hold in my heart.

Embrace the energy of this Leo New Moon & 888 Lion’s Gate Portal like you’d embrace the rays of the sun. Holding your head up to the sky breathing deeply while feeling that connection & allowing those rays to become enveloped in the cells of your being. Let this energy to show you the way to your inner stregth while lighting up the parts that need to be nurtured & cared for in silence before becoming exposed. Allow yourself to shine light on the shadows & vulnerable parts that make you YOU. Showing the world who you truly are is the greatest gift you can give the Universe & a powerful sign of wisdom & strength.

Set your intentions & goals. Seek out the parts of you that are vulnerable, embrace them & allow them to shine. Change what is no longer true for you be reframing or letting go, then go out into the world & give us the BEST YOU you’ve got right now & allow everyhting else to fall into place. After all it always does!

Ready to activate? Join me for my New Moon in Leo & 888 Activation Circle live online Register here to BEcome a part of the tribe who are on a mission to BEcome their best version.

It’s a time to plant seeds that will blossom in the next year. Dream big.

Love & light,

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