Transforming Yourself Through Shadow Work

We all have demons inside us. Every day, we fight against them – sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. These demons haunting us can be seen either in small glimpses or in full chaos. And because of our guilt & shame, we tend to ignore and bury them.

We think that they should stay hidden because they cannot & should not exist in our conscious self. Society tells us to focus on the good things like love & light, but never the darkness or shadow. Focusing solely on your positive side is easy & comfortable. It’s no wonder the majority of us avoid the darker part of our personalities.

Denying the inner self is usually the path we choose. Shadow work is accepting who you really are & working with that, while choosing strategic thoughts & emotions in order to continue to move forward.

Transformation, which so many of us are looking for, does not come from a place of denial. It comes from a place of acceptance. Thankfully, we can still own up to our darkness to create positive change. By doing shadow work, we shed light on our dark self, instead of pretending to be all “light”.

While you might not think it is possible to find your way to the “dark side” and come out a better person, I’m here to tell you, it is.

Inside every one of us are darker problems that exist. In order to touch the very depths of our being, we must be ready to explore our buried self through shadow work. And in order to be truly at peace, we need to get in touch with our darker side, rather than repress it.

Here are some signs you need to do some shadow work:

  1. You’re faced with the same lessons – over and over again. This can look like dating the same kind of guy in different bodies, or playing out the same dynamics with your partner.
  2. You’re ashamed of different aspects of yourself and have a critical inner voice.
  3. You’re easily triggered by the behaviors, actions, or even the presence of other people and are judgemental of others and yourself. Have you ever been SUPER annoyed by someone for no reason?
  4. You’re afraid to show who you really are for fear of being rejected. This may even turn in a niggling feeling like healthy relationships aren’t in the cards for you.
  5. You tend to take things personally, even when it has nothing to do with you.
  6. You have a hard time owning what part of you is showing up with you’re having an argument or disagreement with your partner, colleagues, parents, siblings, or friends.
  7. You feel constantly drained, lethargic, and maybe struggle with physical pain and autoimmune disorders.
  8. You find yourself saying things like “I don’t know what got into me” or “That was so unlike me.”

Here are 3 steps to conquer your shadow self:

Step 1: Identify the shadow

The first step is to become aware of the recurrent feelings that you always feel. Identifying these patterns will help highlight the shadow. Our shadows are located in our subconscious. We buried them, that’s why it’s tricky to identify them.

Some common shadow beliefs are:

  • I am not good enough, I can’t do anything right
  • I don’t deserve to be loved
  • No one cares how I feel
  • I never fit in, I wish I was normal
  • I must care for everyone or they will think I’m selfish

Step 2: Pay attention to the emotions you feel

Our negative emotions are portals into the shadow. They help us determine our wounds & fears. Pay special attention to how you react to others, how they make you feel & think. Everyone we encounter is a mirror of our beliefs!

When you feel an emotion, take a minute to observe it. Ask yourself:

  • What am I feeling?
  • Why am I feeling this?
  • What triggered this feeling?

Observe, don’t force answers & jump to conclusions. Shadow work is considered soul work & it happens on its own timeline. Just be patient & know that in time, the answers will come. Be patient & kind with yourself. This step means to accept what comes up for you, when it comes up.

Step 3: Explore the shadow

Psychologists use art therapy as a way to help patients explore their inner selves. It is because art is a great way to allow your Shadow to manifest itself. Here are other ways to express the shadow:

Journaling & Automatic Writing

When you write, it allows you to feel emotions & empty your head of the thoughts rumbling around. It’s like magic – even when you write thoughts that have no sense.


In meditation, we gain insights about why we feel certain ways. It helps us understand and objectively delve deeper about our emotions, then allow ourselves to heal.

4 Week Moon Alchemy Group Coaching Program

Just like the moon, we also hold dual energies. We have our conscious mind, which is often associated with “light” energy. Then we have our subconscious mind—our “shadow” energy. Though many people think of shadow energy as negative & light energy as positive, it’s not that simple. Shadow energy can be positive or negative. If it’s energy that you have suppressed & now resides in your subconscious, it is considered shadow energy.

What if I told you there was a way to stop spiraling deeper into darkness, that could help you find yourself, and your energy again without having to re-traumatize yourself?

Isn’t it time that you start showing up as your authentic self, without hiding who you are or what you are feeling?

This is a 4 week group coaching program to create strong accountability, meaningful support & guidance while you uncover your most complete self utilizing the phases of the moon. This magickal program combines divination, ritual, coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation & reiki to deeply & safely support you while doing your deepest inner work. 


~ Engage in mystical practices to access subconscious knowledge.

~ Alchemize subconscious knowledge into powerful psycho-spiritual shifts.

~ Heal the wounds that are keeping you stuck

~ Discover how you can support your spiritual evolution by consistently engaging with this cycle.

~ Travel with me! I’ll be sharing readings, astral journeys, journal responses, & rituals to show you what it looks like to move through this process in real time.

~Throughout the program, get two individual card readings. One to help connect to your higher self, & one to help you uncover your shadows that are asking to be addressed in the present moment.

~Guided resources & material to facilitate your deep relationship with self, shadow & others.

~Engage with your tribe in our secret Facebook Group


Shadow Work is not easy, but until you own your shadow, your shadow will own you. Wouldn’t NOW be the time to begin your journey to self-awareness & freedom to live the life you were born to live?


Love & Light,

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