Healing With The Cycles Of The Moon

Live in harmony with nature & its lunar cycles by tapping into the healing energy of the moon phases.

Just as in nature, our lives move in cycles. From the planets & the stars to every kind of life on earth, we each go through stages of development. We can observe the patterns in nature, like the phases of the moon, to help us better understand & heal during the cycles in our own lives. Like the earth, the moon is always half-illuminated by the sun. As the moon circles the earth, we see more or less of the illuminated side, causing the phases of the moon.

Just as the moon controls the ocean’s tides, the moon’s waxing & waning also resembles the rhythm of our own lives. We can turn to the moon as a source of healing & understanding to live in harmony with nature. For thousands of years the Moon has been worshipped, studied & used as a tool for many practices around the world. It’s also so incredibly rewarding to connect with La Luna on a regular basis as her natural rhythms can help us tune in & become more aware & attuned to our own cycles.

The Dark Moon: happens BEFORE the New Moon. 

Usually the calendars will mark the time of the Dark Moon as the New Moon which can be a little confusing. The Dark Moon is completely dark with no illumination from the sun. A few hours after this event and may sometimes even fall on the next day, will mark the beginning of the New Moon.

The period of the Dark Moon calls for going within. Retreating. Being quiet. Stillness. Banishing. You’ve worked so hard during this Moon Cycle, now is the time to just be, let go & do as little as possible. Meditate, journal, gentle yoga & other mindful activities are wonderful this time. Your intuition will be at its peak during this time especially if you take the time to honor it by going within & listen. What the Dark Moon gives us instead is a time for reflection & contemplation which you can actually do just BEFORE the New Moon & the beginning of the manifesting process.

The New Moon: A Time for New Beginnings

Positioned between the earth & the sun, the moon receives no direct sunlight & is lit only by dim sunlight reflected from earth. As the first cycle in the moon’s phases, the new moon represents new beginnings & presents a moment to let go of old ways & welcome renewal energy. This is the best time for setting intentions, planting seeds (figuratively & literally), & starting on the journey. Do this for each New Moon. Even if you haven’t completed your set intentions in the previous moon cycle, on the next New Moon you can continue what you started, or add something else you are needing to manifest. Harness the new moon energy by setting intentions for the moon cycle ahead by getting clear on goals or letting go of vices.

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Waxing Crescent: A Time for Growth and Expansion

The 2 week period after New Moon is called WAXING, meaning the Moon gets more illuminated each day. This is the time where we work on taking action towards our set intentions, wishes, dreams or goals. The Waxing Crescent phase begins straight after the Dark/New Moon. At this time the energy is beginning to build. This is a great time for researching & implementing a plan for the intentions you set at the New Moon.

As the moon circles the earth, the side we can see gradually becomes more illuminated by direct sunlight. Those seeds of “new beginnings” planted during the new moon begin to grow as the side of the moon gradually becomes more visible. Think of this as a time to increase expansion in life & focus on intentions related to abundance.

Harness waxing crescent moon energy by putting yourself out there (socially, romantically, in your career, or otherwise) & taking the time to expand your mind through learning & trying new things. It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone & take a risk and to create space in your life to welcome unexpected surprises from the universe. Tune into your intuition and give your body what it needs and what your intentions need to blossom and grow. This is the time to build strong foundations in all aspects of life.

Half Moon (First Quarter): A Time to Refocus 

During the half moon, the moon has traveled about a quarter of the way around earth since the new moon. The seeds you have planted during the new moon begin to take fruition. You begin to take root and feel your inner power. The energy is building up for the Full Moon but it’s important to keep things balanced – like the Moon is showing us.

Harness half moon energy by capitalizing on your determination & stay focused on intentions. You may also want to take this as a halfway point to reevaluate your direction as you move forward. 

This is the time of breaking free of your shell, of your fears & anything that is holding you back, so you may grow with the increasing light.

Waxing Gibbous: A Time for Attainment

The Waxing Gibbous Moon is the phase between the First Quarter Moon & the Full Moon. This period may feel like not much is happening or that there’s no growth or movement, even though the Moon is getting fuller. But rest assured there are loads of magic happening in the background, getting ready & preparing for the next stage.

As the area of illumination continues to increase, we can see more than half of the moon’s face getting sunlight. This indicates the phase of the moon in which your “seeds” begin to blossom & represents a time of gaining & attainment.

Harness waxing gibbous energy by taking the time to relax & enjoy the fruits of our labor after we have achieved our dreams. Start to take your foot off the gas & begin to welcome the payoff of your hard work.

Full Moon: A Time to Shine

The moon & the sun face each other directly in this phase in which the moon appears fully illuminated from earth’s perspective. The Full moon is a super powerful & potent time. La Luna lights up the sky in her perfect silver sphere. Illuminating all that needs to be seen and understood. The power is heightened & at its peak.

Meditation & healing take place in its fullest during a full moon. The seed is in full bloom. See this as an opportunity to take in the power of the full moon. This period represents transformation, fertility, & completion. The full moon represents a time to bask in the moonlight. Many see this as an opportunity to use crystals, oracle cards, & meaningful jewelry to cleanse and charge with the moon’s energy. Focus on healing energy to calm intense thoughts & feelings.

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Waning Gibbous: A Time for Release 

As the moon continues to circle the earth, the amount of sunlight reflecting the surface begins to decrease. Now begins the waning phases as the light of the moon gradually decreases. During the Waning Gibbous the Moon is slowly decreasing in light & the energy becomes more reflective. This phase is great for decluttering, releasing & letting go of anything that is no longer needed, both physical & mental for new things to manifest in the coming Lunar cycles. As the moon becomes smaller in the sky, harness waning gibbous moon energy by thinking of this as a time to reduce bad habits & negative thinking. Also called the disseminating moon, this marks a phase for closing chapters & completion. 

Last Quarter (Third Quarter): A Time for Reflection

The moon moves another quarter of the way around the earth, & the sun’s light shines on the other half of the visible face of the moon. Now we see the half moon as it decreases in illumination, also known as the Third Quarter Moon & is a wonderful time for a releasing ceremony. This phase is perfect for actualizing or releasing all that you’ve written about or contemplated on, that you need to let go of, from the Full Moon & the Waning Gibbous Moon. Try a cleansing ritual, or detoxify your body or environment, burn something, or cleanse & clean with a smudging ritual.

Harness the last quarter moon energy by seeing this as a time of contemplation & reflection upon the progress made over the past month. Consider your achievements & where you would like to move forward for growth during the next phase of your goals.

Waning Crescent: A Time to Rest

Less than half of the moon’s face appears, & the amount of sunlight decreases. Now the moon only appears partially illuminated in the sky just before the formation of the new moon. It marks the end of the lunar cycle. This phase is great for us too to retreat for a little rest & recovery. There’s been so much going on and it’s a wonderful time to hibernate & spend quality time pampering yourself & giving your body & mind a well deserved rest & opportunity to restore itself. Harness the waning crescent moon energy by taking this as a moment to heal & rest as you prepare for the next phase of the moon.

Sometimes we forget how much the patterns of nature reflect our day to day lives. Remember, that like the lunar cycle, our lives move through phases. Flow with the natural cycle by knowing when to start over with new intentions, when to reap the rewards of hard work, & finally, when to heal & rest.

The more you understand how your body, mind & soul flows with the lunar cycles, the better connected you become to your own! Try keeping a moon journal for one month, each moon cycle write a brief description of what you feel, how you react, sleep patterns & any other valuable info. You’ll be quite amazed at what you learn about yourself!

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