Forget New Year Resolutions…Pick Your Word!

Four years ago I decided instead of setting New Year Resolutions I would  choose a word to be my focus & guidance for the upcoming new year. A word that represents my overall intention for the upcoming year & all of my goals. 

We complicate life. That’s how we fall. By picking one word to live by, to remind ourselves of, to stitch through the next 365 days — we allow ourselves a piece of simplicity & meaning.

I wanted something that would remind me to take risks, to do things differently than I’ve been doing them. A word that brings me hope when the going gets tough. A reminder of the intentions I set. The outcome of all my experiences.

I wanted to choose something meaningful that would guide me through the year & be a compass throughout life’s many decisions, something that would encourage me to be the best version of myself. I wanted the reminder to become uncomfortable & expand myself from where I was for what was my true calling. 

Four years ago my word was “expansive”. That was the year I decided to go back to school for my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, which turned out to be, a journey within myself. The next year I chose “fearless” & that year I REALLY needed to be fearless! I was taken out of my comfort zone & into the unknown with nothing but faith & trust!  For 2020 my word was “harmony” & for me, 2020 was all about balance & learning to surrender to the flow of life, in reality brought me harmony! If you look at what 2020 taught us, it was all about re-evaluating our priorities therefore bring us harmony! 

This year my word is “Empower”. By definition, empower means “make (someone) stronger & more confident, especially in controlling their life & claiming their rights.”

I’ve always felt that in many ways I’m strong & confident, but these past couple of years or so I’ve realized (or more so accepted) that really isn’t the case. Or at least I’m not where I ideally want to be. This is the year I want to really focus on building my confidence & feeling stronger, especially when it comes to control. There are so many things in life we can’t control, but you can control YOUR attitude & YOUR actions. I want to feel empowered. I want to empower myself to be the best I can be & continue working on my flaws, but also accepting that no one (and nothing in life) is ever perfect. I want to expand my business & really put myself out there so I can empower others to do the same! Empower is my word for 2021 because, not only do I want to finally reflect the confidence I believe I should truly have but help others empower themselves to become their best version. 

I believe our life lessons ARE part of our purpose in the world. Through the work that I do, from readings to energy healing to spiritual coaching, I empower others. By sharing my inspiration. bringing clarity & guidance, helping them shift their perspective, find their passions & gifts, recognize where their joy & happiness is.  I’m empowering YOU to be your best you right now! 

I want to empower YOU to know that everything you need is already inside you. I’m just a partner in your journey.

A dear friend reminded me that “We rise by lifting others.” That is the absolute truth!

So for 2021, I’m really empowering myself, by stretching myself doing things I never thought I’d do & empbracing things that make me step out of my own comfort zone.  It’s a good thing!  I KNOW I can do anything, just like I preach to all of you.  That’s why I’m empowering myself to be more, do more, for what is best in my heart, with my goals I’ve set for myself.

Instead of writing a new year’s resolution (or panicking that you can’t decide on one) try having a focus word instead. So I ask you, What theme stands out? What word captures the essence of your intentions for 2021?

A single word that encapsulates what you need more of, what you want to focus on or what you need to improve on. Your word is YOUR reminder of ALL your intentions!

Empower yourself in 2021. Find your word & carry it with you, post it everywhere. A simple, yet incredibly profound way to be nothing but human…always learning, growing, & improving.

Here are some words to help you get started…

Illuminate – Ignite- Thrive – Brave – Trust – Purpose – Surrender – Possibilities – Expansive – Mindful – Love – Self Care – Focus – Intentionally – Accountability – Forgiveness – Action – Aspire – Fulfilled – Nourish – Be Present – Fearless – Simple – Empower – Prosperity – Courage – Abundance – Allow – Amazing – Inspiring – Ambition – Growth – Gratitude – Compassion – Complete – Create  – Flourish – Grounded – Adventure – Authentic – Aware – Bliss – Confident – Connect – Discipline – Dream – Glow – Humility – Integrity – Intuition – Journey – Nurture – Persistence – Passion – Release – Humble – Honesty – Risk – Tranquil – Zen

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Share YOUR word in the comments & send out YOUR vibe into the Universe for 2021!

May your days be filled with an abundance of prosperity, peace, love & happiness…

Love & light,

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