Clearing Energy For Stress Free Holidays (for your Home & Yourself)

The holidays are coming up & it can be a challenging time for many. Prepare energetically & emotionally by clearing negative emotions while setting the energy for a stress free & balanced holiday season & new year to come. 

Every person has his or her own energy, plus the collective energy of the family itself can lead to stagnant energy that you may not see but certainly feel! It’s easy to get drawn into old or stagnant family energies & stories that may not serve or uplift you. These stories can create inner disturbances (triggers) you can’t quite pinpoint. As a result, you might find yourself anticipating stress at holiday gatherings, if not dreading them altogether. This might be because old, negative & unconscious patterns are playing out on the stage of your life, even though these patterns are not in alignment with your current values, intentions, or goals. As much as we love being around family during the holiday seasons, there’s no denying that there are heavy energies that arise. Especially during large family gatherings, the more the merrier. Fun questions that are inevitable such as: Why you no have boyfriend/girlfriend? When are you getting married? When are you having kids? What are you doing with your life?

So rather than avoid them all together, find ways to clear the space. If you learn to view the world as everything is vibrational & carries their own energies, life would make much more sense. Here are some tips to clear the energy of your space (and yourself) before & after holiday gatherings while keeping you from getting sucked into powerful negative family dynamics!

1. Smudge Your Space & Aura: You may have heard about “saging”. Sage is NOT the only way to cleanse a space & your energy, there are many wonderful alternatives to using Sage to smudge, &  Palo Santo, aka Holy Wood, is a great alternative. Both Palo Santo & Sage smudging are ancient techniques to clear out trapped energies & spirits. Some may feel that the smoke from sage can be somewhat harsh. Palo Santo has a much lighter smoke & is traditionally used as a natural remedy for colds & flu, as well as symptoms of stress! Light a stick of palo santo & let the flame burn for about a minute. Blow it out & walk through your home & space you wish to cleanse, allowing the smoke to waft through the room. Chant a prayer or ask Spirit for assistance with gratitude, ask the smoke for its blessing & protection. To cleanse your energy, you can walk through the smoke or cleanse your Aura by starting at the top of your head (about 5-6 inches away)  moving the smoke downward, cleansing your energy body. 

2. Cleanse with Crystals: Everything is vibrational. Crystals carry their own vibrations & are a great tool in raising the vibrational energy of a room & yourself because they have a stable vibration. Black Tourmaline is a great crystal to help shield negative energies & keeping us grounded. Smokey Quartz is great for neutralizing negative vibrations & is detoxifying on all levels, it’s also amazing for protecting against radiation & electromagnetic energies (EMF). Place crystals in the 4 corners of the room, on a nightstand or anywhere by your head when you sleep or try creating a crystal grid. I like to add crystals to my Moon Water & use the water to spray my space & aura! 😉

3. Use Aromatherapy for Energy Shifts: Plants are a direct source of energy from the sun due to its process of photosynthesis . So what you’re eating you’re getting second hand energies. Using essential oils you receive potent energies from the plants. The oils are extracted from plants (lots of them) & bottled to hold the scent & energy of the plants. Use oils into a diffuser to bring relaxation & plant power to your space, make a bath/shower spray by adding a few drops of oils to a water in a spray bottle (great for spraying your pillows & sheets before bed) & spray away!

4. Flower Essence for Personal Vibration: I love, Love, LOVE working with Flower Essence. Not many people are aware of flower essence. It’s not the scent of the plant but rather the energetic imprint of the flower & plant. I love adding flower essence to my healing sessions & always have a profound impact!  A few drops under your tongue & you immediately feel a vibrational shift in your body as the flowers & plants share their energetic imprint with you. If you haven’t tried flower essence, I STRONGLY recommend trying, you’ll be blown away! This is an amazing way to immediately shift your personal energy as well as your space (like attracts like).

5. Energy Clearing Through Reiki: Get a Reiki session or join us every Thursday on Zoom for Reiki Meditation Circle. Reiki is a great way to clear your energy pathways & release stuck energies.

6. Get Your Mind Right: Use guided visualization to empower your unconscious mind to create the holidays (and life) you desire. Take a few moments to sit & focus on your breathing. Feel your desired outcome, connect with the outcome YOU wish to achieve. Spend at least 10 minutes on this vision each day & you will continue to align with your desired outcome. Remember details will change but the outcome is what you desire. Trust the process to bring you to the desired outcome! 😉

7. ReFresh, ReNew &  ReInspired: Set an intention for your refresh session. Remember why you decided to move into this home. Many of us often forget how excited & expanded we were when we first saw our space. We are generally filled with possibility & see so much potential. Over time we may lose sight of what drew us in. Now is the perfect time to set new intentions for our home & remember how wonderful our space has been, can be and will continue to be. Open up all the windows even if it’s below freezing outside. Yes! Just doing it. A little fresh air will do your home a lot of good! If you can handle having the chilly air envelope your space for an entire hour, even better. Let the Chi flow throughout your home!

8. Bring Nature Inside: There is nothing more uplifting than a vase of fresh flowers or bringing in holiday cheer with poinsettias. Splurge & get a nice holiday bouquet for an area that you will see every time you walk into your home.

Our space is a reflection of our mind. As you cleanse (your space & yourself)  remember to have fun & see the beauty in letting go while making space for a new year!

What we focus our energy & attention on is what we will attract. If you see your space as clean, clear & buzzing with positive energy, you will be more likely to infuse that vibration into your space.

Now go out & enjoy the holidays with your loved ones & most of all your space!

Love & light,

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