Harnessing Blue Moon Energy Ritual

I am SO excited for Halloween’s Full Moon. First, it’s in the sign of Taurus (thank you very much) which is my sun sign, second, it’s the second Full Moon in October which makes it a Blue Moon & third, it’s on HALLOWEEN!

Talk about Trifecta!! For most of us 2020 has been a challenging year (to say the least), it’s been a year of intense purging, shifting & healing, which makes us very uncomfortable! I’ve seen some negative talk about this Blue Moon in combination with Mercury’s Retrograde. The truth is…this retrograde is preparing us for an amazing shift & setting us up for the next decade, so YES it’s been a very uncomfortable energy with an amazing outcome. Tired yet restless, exhauseted but can’t sleep, crazy vivid dreams & some serious shifting & purging from relationships to cleaning out our space. The good news is you’re not alone, we are all experiencing this CRAZY energy & this Blue Moon will be bringing us clarity! YAY!!

A Blue Moon is when two Full Moons are within the same month & happens every two to three years. This Blue Moon is in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth energy & is all about worldly pleasures, luxuries, groundedness, harvesting what we sow, practicality. Taurus energy is persistent in its pursuit of what it deems valuable. This Blue Moon energy will actually have us harnessing the determiniation, stamina & resilence of Taurus so we can move forward…ready or not! So all the work we’ve been putting in over the past year & a half is now manifesting in magical ways! Opportuinies come from out of no where, support surrounds us & we FINALLY get to experience & SEE what our hard work brings us.

As 2020 comes to a close the beautiful gift this Blue Moon brings us amazing opportunities to release & heal, remind us that we have everything we need to move forward. Much of this year required our forgiveness & acceptance for ourselves & others, now we can harness the skills, gifts & talents that comes with that.

Halloween is also known as Samhain, a holiday some witches celebrate to honor the dead. So upcoming days are an energetically potent time, because the veil between the spiritual & physical world thins. This is a powerful time to honor the dead & ancestors (maybe ask for some help ;)) Add the Blue Moon to the mix & we’ve got some major supernatural happenings heading our way!!

I urge you to take advantage of this lunar event & perform a witchy ritual during this time, or you will be missing out on all of the mystical, magickal, & enchanting energy in the air! Try this Blue Moon to reclaim the sacred qualities of the lunar energy, Samhain, & the shadow self with this special ritual… (you can join me on my live Zoom event but registering here)

If you decide to just do one thing during the Blue Moon energy, I highly suggest taking a cleansing bath. Set your bath up with candles, music, add color to your bath water (Taurus rules the throat & blue energy aka Throat Chakra is perfect for aligning with this energy). After your cleaning bath move on to your ritual….

You will need:

  • Pen & Paper
  • Candle(s) One for releasing & one for intention (black, orange &/or blue, you can always subsitute with white)
  • Mortar & Pestle
  • Salt
  • Bay leaf
  • Fire proof dish, plate or cauldron

Set your altar with pictures of loved ones & any items that represent your loved ones & ancestors. Light a candle in honor of their guidance & love. Decorate your altar with pine cones, branches, pumpkins & anything that reprsents harvesting.

Clear your aura & cleanse your space, & your ritual ingredients. As you cleanse your aura, feel free to recite the following “I surround myself in love & light. Call in elements if you wish… Set crystals around your space…

Take your pen & paper & write down a list of things you would like to leave behind. These can be emotions, events, or behaviors from your past that you no longer wish to carry with you. Feel free to write as many down as you wish.  

Take your paper & fold it into tiny pieces. Light your black candle. then light the paper with the flame from the candle & say:  “The old is done & the past is over. I now allow love & light to take over.”

Get your mortar & pestle, add the ashes of the paper & salt. Begin grinding them up together. As you grind, imagine that you are really releasing, cleansing, & letting it all go. Get all your emotion out as you pound & crush your paper along with the salt. Salt clears & transmutes energy which is exactly what you’re doing during this stage! As you cleanse & purify, feel free to recite the following-  “I bring myself forward into the now, Blue Moon cleansing I allow. I release with love & light, my future is now bright. Harm none, For the highest good of all are the energies I call”

Light the candle that represents your intention & take a moment to say a prayer of gratitude towards yourself, the people around you, the planet, & your life overall. Speak from your heart. Use this time to journal what messages you recieve. 

Now write your desire(s) on the bayleaf. Use the flame of your intention candle to burn the bayleaf. Place it in a fire proof plate/dish/cauldron so the bayleaf can burn completely.

Send the departed souls & ancestors lots of love & if you like, ask them to bring you a sign, a dream, a message, or see if you can make contact with them as you meditate in front of the candle.

Allow the candle to burn down & your ritual is complete. Return the salt, paper & bayleaf ashes to the earth in whatever way is most convenient. Always thank the Universe!

Blue Moon Blessings to you!

Love & light,

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