The Meaning of Death- The Eternal Cycle


On Father’s Day I got the call I was dreading…my dad passed away. Bless him he was 94, POW & the most simpliest man you could ever meet. He was so easy going it pissed my mom off!

I did all I can to help his transition. Being 1700 miles away made it challenging but I did all I could for my dad in his last days. My dad would’ve been 95 on July 4th, he was so proud to share his birthday with America.

Of course I’m going through the natural cycles of grief, at first questioned if I did everything I could & how I could’ve done more, then I became sad that he was alone during his last hours, then I went into blaming others for not doing enough & now I’m at a place of questioning what death means to me.

In a scoiety where death is taboo, a subject we all avoid & yet it’s the ONLY thing we ALL will experience. It’s the only thing we all share, it’s the only thing we can’t avid or predict & yet we are hush about the meaning of death. Perhaps if we embrace death for what it truly is we wouldn’t fear it. It’s the fear of the unknown that makes us run in panic.

I am blessed with the gift of communicating with the spirit world & from the day my dad passed he’s been speaking to me. He talks to me MORE now than he ever did! So what’s to be sad about? He’s at peace. He just transformed from physical being to energy being. He still has his memories (he shows them in my mind), he still carrys his love, understanding, even his personality! This incredible process of the soul ascending towards the light & the shedding of the physical body, of the pain, of any kind of human suffering is a process we should look forward to not fear & hide from.

Which got me wondering…why are we conditioned with a warped view of death?


I know I’m not the only one experiencing death at this time, there’s death of relationships, jobs, even our old selves. Whether physical or spiritual, death is the cycle of eternity. The real sadness isn’t about dying it’s about not fully living our life in open heart expressing our full power of creation. Death, like life, holds many mysteries. The mystery of death is part of the enigma of the soul & life itself, understanding death really means understanding life.

Modern physics has taught us that no substance truly disappears, that it only changes form. A tree, for instance, might be cut down & used to build a house, or a table, or a chair. Regardless of how the form changes, the wood remains wood. And when that same wood is burned in a furnace, it again changes form, becoming an energy that gives off heat & gas. The tree, the chair, & the fire are all merely different forms of the same substance. If this is the case with a material substance, it is even more so with a spiritual substance. The spiritual life force in man, the soul, never disappears, upon death, it simply changes from one form to another, higher form. Nothing that happens to the flesh & blood diminishes, in any way, the soul’s power, which is purely spiritual.

How can a mortal human being connect to eternal life?  By living a material life that fuses body, mind & soul, thereby connecting to the Divine/God/Universe. A person who transforms their body into a vehicle for love & generosity is a person who nurtures their eternal soul.  It is by giving life to others that one becomes truly alive.


To witness Ascension, to see my father going back home into the worlds of love & light from where originally we all come from to then experience life in a physical body, here, on Planet Earth. I am able to witness my father becoming young again, looking radiant like I have never seen him before, welcomed by his own parents, his siblings, my nephew, even our pets at the end of a massive bridge of light that exists between this world & the other worlds, I am happy knowing that he is so happy & free being welcomed by family that also passed…a stunning reunion that brought many tears of relief to my eyes!

In death my dad still teaches me about life, he’s able to show me from his current perspective, how to look upon death as simply our departure to return home once our earthly life is completed. Understand why it is so important to live & love in the present moment, that we must learn to let go & recognize that our future is beyond the comprehension of our mind so there is no point in trying to limit what may happen with any kind of controlling thoughts.

When our loved ones pass away what we do feel is in fact our own sadness in loosing them, an internal pain & a reminder of our own mortality that has nothing to do with the person that leave us as they have simply finished their temporary visit & they are now ready to return into the light. And eventually we shall join them after we complete our own time here. Death is the mother of beauty” to mean that we cherish & find things beautiful precisely because we know they will not be around forever nor will we always be here to enjoy them. Death, in other words, brings meaning to life.

I miss my dad every single day but I feel his presence all around me & I know that when it is time, he will be all there, with my spirit family waiting for me at the end of that bridge of light, welcoming me back home…

Love & Light,



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