Creating an Intention Crystal Ritual for the New Moon


May’s New Moon in Gemini is May 22, 2020. I love New Moons. They give us the opportunity to set intentions, like a do-over. The Full Moon illuminates what we’ve manifest & gives us the opportunity to release & tweak our goals/intentions. One of my favorite New Moon ritual is crystal grids & creating an intention crystal.

First let’s clarify what an intention is. An intention is an extemely focused thought that combines with our heart’s desire’s energy, manifests. A powerful intention is like flowing water, when the water is harnessed & channeled in a specific direction that water becomes VERY powerful. Simply put, what we think about, becomes.

Focused energy manifests & unfocused energy does not.

Setting an intention especially during the New Moon offers some powerful energy to assist us in its manifestation. When you work with the energy of the New Moon (this month is Gemini Air energy), it magnifies that intention.

Creating an intention crystal not only reminds you of your goal/intention, it magnifies the energy attached to it! Taking action is the second part of manifesting, so how do we know when to take action? LISTEN, listen to your higher self & spirit family, allow them to direct you through thoughts, ideas & messages, they will assit you in what action to take. This is inspired action. Remember change takes practice, commitment & time. Taking daily inspired action towards your intention/goal becomes a new habit!


So how can you create an intention crystal?

  1. First choose a crystal that resonates with your goal or one that you intuitively are drawn to while you think of your intention.
  2. Set your intention. Sit quietly for a few minutes & ask your spirit family to assist you during this process. Be clear & state (out loud or in your mind) your intention for this New Moon. I suggest you call on Air (Gemini) energy of the mind to help you clearly define your goal/intention.
  3. Activate your crystal. Hold your crystal in your hands (maybe by your heart) & repeat your goal/intention out loud. Add an affirmation that resonates with your intention (for example: Lose weight’s affirmation could be “I allow myself to lose the weight I’m holding on my body. I deserve to be healthy).
  4. Ask for Divine guidance. You could say “Divine (God, Universe, Angels, whatever you choose) assist me & affirm that this crystal will anchor my intention/goal for ____. When I see or touch this crystal I will be reminded of the commitment I make today for ____. Divine fill me & my crystal with love, light & peace, bless this crystal with your powerful miraculous light. Thank You & So It Is”.
  5. Listen to your crystal. Sit for a few minutes holding your crystal, what inspired action are you guided to take? It could be a sudden urge to call someone or check your email. Whatever messages you recieve your crystal is sending you Divine inspiration & it’s YOUR job to take that inspired action.
  6. Put your crystal in a sacred space. I keep mine by my crystal grid & vision board so I am constantly reminded of my intention(s) for the New Moon.
  7. Give thanks. Each night hold your crystal & write 3 things you are grateful for of the day. Always thank your spirit family, the Divine & your crystal for their guidance & assistance.

Your intention crystal has taken in the Power of Creation to help you on your journey of transformation!


Magical energy begins as personal power is ignited. Don’t be so hard on yourself, for years & years you have been programmed a certain way with certain things. This learned behavior & emotional responses are on auto-piolet, you can change those thought patterns & behaviors by thinking differently & taking your power back. Let go of who you are & step into who you are meant to be, just by being YOU!

Use this New Moon energy to BEcome a BEtter version of yourself, the New Moon brings hope, magic & trust, trust that everything is constantly moving & changing & so are we!

Following your heart’s desire when setting your intention/goal is the first place to  BEcoming a BEtter version of yourself. Let this Gemini New Moon energy assist you in changing your old thought patterns, BEliefs & bring you into alignment with your true self!

Have fun, have faith & rewire your mind by listening to your heart & with the Magic of your Intention Crystal!

Love & light,



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  1. I really want to get into crystals and when I looked up a blog on crystals, I was happy this showed one up, why? Good instructions step-by step, but I still want to learn more.

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