Pivotal May


We’re almost half way through 2020 & what a ride it’s been! 2020 was always destined to be a big year, of course we expected more magic than chaos but…. well….that’s how the Universe shows us what we need to do! We don’t make changes when we’re comfortable & many of us have been UNcomfortable for some time now & the month of May acts as a gateway to our next chapter!

We have retrogrades from the ying yang going on & by the end of May, we’re preparing to enter Eclipse Season! Geez! One of the major events of 2020 is the Lunar Nodes changing signs & this happens on May 5th. So what are these Lunar Nodes I speak of? Lunar Nodes are a mathematical point between the Sun & the Moon. This sacred point in the sky is said to indicate our soul purpose on both a collective & individual level. So this plays a significant part on the energy we’re experiencing, personally & collectively. There are two Lunar Nodes, both a North & South Node. The North Node represents where we are heading & what we need to learn, & the South Node represents where we have been & what foundation we are building upon. On May 5th, the Nodes will shift from Cancer & Capricorn to Gemini & Sagittarius, setting a new collective soul lesson in motion.

Collectively we are learning to share our story & celebrate the stories of others. This is about accepting other people’s truths & learning to take a simpler approach in how we choose to think about things. Healing & Compassion are the theme.

This Full Moon will make people generally more sympathetic & understanding. We may be more sensitive (Scorpio is water & water is related to Sacral Chakra & emotions) & have a better understanding of our conflicting emotions.

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This is a great Full Moon for creative pursuits like literature, poetry, drama, singing, art, design, & fashion. It is also good for relaxation, movies, yoga, astrology, tarot, lucid dreaming, & meditation. Perfect for psychic development! Under the light of the bright Scorpio Full Moon, we have increased power to make changes in our lives & in the world around us. It is a potent time for release work & creating space. This is the perfect time to start journaling, automatic writing & any other angelic communications!

The next Full Moon we have will be an Eclipse, so this energy is also preparing us for a bigger release point that is still to come! May is definitely a busy & pivotal month, but it seems most of the year has been shaping up that way so far! Don’t feel that 2020 has been a bust, there is still SO much opportunity to take back control & to refigure some of your goals & dreams. Trust that you are always where you need to be & there is always some opportunity or silver lining to be found no matter where life takes you!

To help you navigate through the month, I encourage you to join my Facebook Group where we do group readings, releasing rituals (EFT for this Scorpio Moon), & of course energy talk so you can understand how to utilize this water energy. Each New & Full Moon Circle is designed in accordance with the cosmic energies. Hope to see you there!


May you be blessed with an Abundance of Love, Light & Peace!

Love & light,



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