Physical Distancing Isn’t Social Distancing!


It’s been such an active day, a day I am truly grateful for…I literally exhaled a deep breath as I began to type this. I KNOW I’m not the only one out there that needs to take a nice inhale… so if you haven’t done so today, now would be a great time!!!

INHALE DEEPLY into your belly….Exhale slowly as you breathe out of your diaphram. Naturally take another deep breath in… exhale slowly. Noticing how your breathe flows through & within your body. Relaxing every muscle with each exhale.

My mentor shared a message she recieved through meditation today…“the quality of your breath is in direct relationship with the quality of your relationship with Source (God, Spirit, Universe, Consciousness…)”   Hummmm……

AND, now begins the practice of breathing….

Energy grows where attention goes. Now more than ever it’s SO important to be mindful where you’re focusing your energy, what is consuming your  attention. I came across a saying today, “Success is having uncondional acceptance of life”. How TRUE! When we surrender to the unknown, allow the Divine to unfold itself, we end up pleasently surprised! Many things have unfolded for me over the past week. Things I NEVER thought were possible, things I was SO SURE were impossible, the chaos that surrounds us right now has helped me surrender to life & guess what? The impossible was NOT ONLY possible it was beyond my wildest dreams! 

Week 13 - Surrender

This post is inspired by all the creative ways people are coping with the uncertainty of this time. In my Somatic Psychology class last week, a fellow classmate said the most profound thing. “We don’t need social distancing, we need physical distancing!  We need to connect to each other right now!” We’ve been studying the Polyvagal Theory and self-regulation & she couldn’t be more correct! It’s our connections, or our “tend and befriend” responses, that act as protective mechanisms & help us regulate.  It’s pretty tough to create separation between people during a time of crisis.  That’s what’s so different about this situation compared to other natural disasters or crisis.  This one requires us to put space between us. The desire to connect to people is inherent in our beings. We are hard-wired for connection.  It’s in our DNA.  We literally cannot survive as infants without it.  In fact, as infants, we are only born with 30% of our frontal lobe/gray matter & it develops through the neural connections during attunement from our caregivers.  Separating literally goes against every ounce our beings!!  That is WHY this is SO hard. However, this is what’s being asked of us! And I DO believe there is a higher purpose, one we might not recognize right now!  Graduations, proms, weddings, birthday parties, family gatherings….. delayed or canceled.  Your favorite Friday night meal has moved to take-out, if you’re lucky.  Your favorite yoga class, canceled until further notice.

Building Social Connections - YouTube

The ONE thing this virus can NOT keep us from is connecting or being social.  Just because we can’t connect physically, doesn’t mean that we can’t connect socially. When we root into meaningful relationships & purpose, it pushes us to get creative in how we connect. It stretches us into solving problems we never knew we had to solve.   When we make a decision from a conscious place, we make decisions that are all rooted in our shared humanity. When we do that, we elevate beyond the uncertainty & into faith & hope. We re-align with our sense of purpose & meaning in our lives!

Now is the time, YOU finally HAVE the time to…find that online yoga class or church service, catch-up with an old friend, teach grandma how to Facetime. Maybe try a Zumba class while no one can see your dance moves. Offer to go get someone supplies or help them figure out how to place an online order for the first time.

Go ahead & launch that class that you’ve been thinking about creating.  Channel that energy into something that reflects your values & vision for humanity.  BREATHE.  FEEL. BE!  We have control over how we move forward. You are a resource. You a resource to yourself & to others.

Taking Care Amid the Chaos: We're in This Together... Or Are We ...

If you find yourself struggling right now, CONNECT!  Seek connections. Stretch yourself in ways you couldn’t even imagine.  Be vulnerable…ask for what you need. Better yet, CREATE what you need!  Be gentle with one another. Be kind & compassionate. So the best you can.  Now is the time for kindness & acceptance. We are all in this together!!

This moment is all you’ve got….make it GREAT!

Love & light,



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