Full Supermoon Virgo Ritual


This Full SuperMoon (March 9, 2020) brings in the energy of Virgo connecting us to perfection, purification, work, & service to others. The theme this Full Moon is Self- Love!

March brings some pivotal shifts that will guide us deeper into the new wave of energy that 2020 brings & the big headline for March is….Saturn changing signs!

As we wrap up this karmic crazy cycle (YES it’s been crazy for ALL of us!), Saturn will be making sure we have done the work so we can successfully move on a graduate to a new & higher vibration. In the first week of March, Venus will be in a heavy alignment with Saturn. We may feel like we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders or we may find ourselves feeling disconnected & alone.

Resonates? Hang on…the first week of March will bring our self love & care to our attention so not being hard on yourself is the key! This is a time where nature is blooming & the ground is fertile. What can we call to bloom in our own lives? What do we need to nourish & feed within ourselves?

Go out in nature! By tuning in to nature, you can work in harmony with the energies that are offered to us at this sacred time of the year.


The Virgo Full Moon draws our attention to the areas that may need some tweaking so that we can set intentions & work our magick to improve them. Virgo energy is known to sort & sift through life with immaculate precision carefully adding or removing the perfect blend to make the mundane magical & effective!

This is the month that will bring us clarity, closure & alignment to our soul’s purpose.

This full supermoon illuminates what’s missing or needed in our life to transform our experience into something far better!!!

This purifying Virgo energy gives us the chance to have an honest look at the dead or broken pieces of our life & replace them with new fresh energy! This Full Supermoon brings us the idea of endless potential. YAY!

Mercury rules the sign of Virgo & he’s making his way through Pisces. This is also the day Mercury goes direct! During this time he hasn’t been fully comfortable in Pisces but this forces him to challenge his comfort zones… the same is true for you! As Mercury changes direction, so do we!

Mercury in Pisces shows us to connect to our vision, intuition, & imagination. Our dreams want to ground & seed themselves so that they have a fertile ground to grow & thrive in! Isn’t that what Spring is about? Planting seeds & nourishing the ground so they can bloom into healthy plants, trees, flowers? Our dreams & goals require the same right now!

You may also notice you’re highly sensitive to your environment & energy during this time. If something feels off or toxic this Full Moon is going to work to make that known so you can cleanse it, remove it, & replace it with something more whole, healthy, & vibrant!

moonAreas of Focus & Intent for this Full Moon:

Work/Service to Others – Virgo rules our work & service to others, so work & daily life are areas that you will want to pay attention to. Are you giving too much to others sacrificing yourSelf? Are you over (or under) worked? Are you happy with where you are at? Ask for EXACTLY what you want & need, keeping in mind that the more YOU are fulfilled & provided for the more you will be in a position to serve others!

Diet & Health – Virgo energy delights in perfect health & wellbeing & naturally gravitates to finding whole foods, exercise, & maintaining spiritual well being! This Full Moon will be an amazing time to make positive changes to your diet to support your health for longterm! Your health is your wealth!

Full Moon Ritual – For my Full Moon Magick Tea Circle (here in Port St. Lucie, FL), I created a Full Moon Kit completely aligned with Virgo energy. If you’d like to create the same environment where you are, here’s what’s included in the kit…

Start off by using smoke from Palo Santo or sage (the kit includes Lotus incense for self-love & reflection) to cleanse your energy before you start. Visualize the smoke as healing & cleansing, working to remove negative stagnant energy & what no longer serve you. Be open to the guidance & protection of the Divine/Universe working to guide you to what will better serve you. Listen with your heart & Solar Plexus!

Now that you & your area has been cleansed, prepare yourself a bath & fill with healing* or dead sea salts (I also included my Full Moon bath salts in the kit). *Make your own Virgo Bath Salt by mixing epsom or sea salt with lemongrass essential oil & fresh rosemary. Then add to the bath water. Together this blend is a powerful cleanser to remove stubborn obstacles & bring in blessings in ALL areas of your life!

As you soak, visualize what you want flowing into your life in perfect detail. Be open to what the universe has for you & speak prayers to communicate to the Divine that you are open & ready to receive! Continue to relax in your bath soak until you feel you have released & transformed, you feel refreshed & rejuvenated.

Afterwards go outside & make some Moon Water under the light of this supportive Full SuperMoon! Use moon water to cleanse your chakras & aura each morning before you leave the house & for added magick, cleanse before bed & spray on sheets & pillows!  Watch the magick happen!

May you all have a blessed magickal, abundant & transformed Supermoon experience.

Love & light,



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