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We will experience the New Moon in Pisces on February 23, 2020. New Moons are a time for new beginnings & introspection, it’s the perfect time to set intentions (so create that vsion board!). This is the time to start planning ahead, particularly for the next six months, until the full moon rises in the same sign & completes our journey! If you are in South East Florida, I am hosting a New Moon Vision Board workshop (check out my events tab), if you’re not local, here are some ways to harness the magic of the New Moon & start manifesting your dreams. I’m going to share my process of manifesting & YES it works!!!


What can you do right now as you await the New Moon’s arrival?

Begin putting yourself in the vibration of your desires, by the New Moon you will have a clear intention plan.

  • Ground yourself! Breathe deeply & imagine roots coming out beneath your feet, into the earth & are surrounded by a beautiful loving protective light (whatever color shows up for you is perfect!)
  • Quiet your mind. Focus on breathing & pay attention to how your breath flows in, within & flows out. What does it feel like? Notice how nourishing your breath truly is. Imagine how your breath stimulates your cells, moves your blood & keeps your body healthy & working properly.
  • Become CLEAR about what you want. A million dollars isn’t enough, it’s the WHY behind your desires. Write out exactly what you desire to manifest (it must be REAL to YOU!), something believable (if you don’t believe it, your fear & doubts will manifest instead). As you write down your intentions, think of the reasons you want to attain this. Add all your emotions. What it feels like, smells like, taste, sound, etc. Be in the moment of your desire, the place of all possibilites. Let go of what you percieve to be reality & dream!!
  • Create affirmations that support your desires. Place them on post-its everywhere! Car, mirrors, doors, etc. Wherever it will be in your face. Pay attention to what emotions, thoughts, memories & feelings within your body. Does it feel good? If so then stay there! Is it painful, doubtful? Is your “self talk” not being nice? If so then address them. Try EFT tapping, meditation, whatever you feel comfortable doing to shift those thoughts & feelings so your affirmations DO FEEL possible. You MUST believe it in order to see it!
  • Create a ceremony that reflects your desires. Create an altar of the things you wish to manifest (use a matchbox car to manifest your car). Place any dieties, angels, sigils, symbolms & anything else that connects you to the Divine. Make it a sacred space that ONLY contains the energy of your desires, no doubt lives or is welcomed in this space!
  • Spend at least 15 minutes focusing on your desires, knowing they are coming to you, be open to any & all possibilies (attachment creates fear).
  • Open yourself to receiving. Be aware of the subtle ways your manifestation is coming to you. Sometimes our desires are fullfilled in ways we NEVER expect! So expect the unexpected.
  • Give Thanks. This should be a daily practice for us all! Give thanks for the little things you take for granted. The electricity that turns on your lights so easy & effortless. The faucet for bringing you clear, safe water. Your home for keeping you safe from the elements. Thank everything you encounter throughout your day that makes your life a little easier, safer & effortless. Just imagine how you would be without them! Give Thanks!!
  • Create your intention plan & revise it as needed until the New Moon. Each day you focus on your desires, notice what shows up, mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually. Keep a journal & write all the good & all the challenging. This is valuable as you move along your healing journey.
  • Recognize how far you’ve come! You’re not the same person you were 5 years ago, 5 days ago or 5 minutes ago! We are energy, constantly moving & transforming & we have the power to transform & manifest any way we chose!


About Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury goes retrograde we are really encouraged to slow down & rely on our subtler senses. Our intuition, gut feelings, sixth sense are all heightened during a Mercury Retrograde, especially one that is moving through a water sign like Pisces!

With Mercury Retrograde, keep in mind this messes up our contracts, communication, & technology, so before you make any big decisions during this new moon, understand that Mercury is retrograde & feelings may change as a result. It’s also important to manifest old goals during this new moon (anything you put on the back burner? Now’s a good time to refocus), or commit to a past idea in order to keep the celestial vibe in flow with the retrograde.

Overall this is a beautiful New Moon that will prepare us for the grand new beginnings!  2020 is the year our bigger vision is manifesting & leading us our soul’s purpose!

Love & Light,



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