The Power Of Crystal Light Therapy

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Research shows that the ergonomics of an environment can significantly affect a person’s health, including one’s learning performance. These elements include light, sound, color, room design, temperature & energy distribution. 

Sunlight is our most recognized & important energy source. Sunlight delivers a spectrum of about 290-770 Nanometers, which includes the visible spectral hues of RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO & VIOLET (that’s why our Color Healing products are so valuable). Through light all the seven colour energies flow from the sun’s rays to the earth. People, animals, plants, minerals & water receive energy from the sun’s light. 

“Malillumination” is the term coined by light researcher Dr. John Ott to describe sunlight deficiency & the negative, harmful effects of artificial lighting on behaviour, learning, health, strength & longevity. 

In classroom, home & work environments where people spend time reading, learning & working under simulated sunlight (full spectrum lighting) they experience less stress & anxiety, improved attitudes & health, & increased awareness, performance & academic achievement. Studies done in schools have shown that cool-white fluorescent bulbs (which are used in virtually all classrooms  & work environments) cause bodily stress, anxiety, hyperactivity, attention problems & other distress, leading to poor learning functions. 

Statistically, full spectrum light bulbs have been shown to have a significant impact on students who worked under old-style fluorescent lights versus those who worked under full-spectrum lighting. This controlled study verified that depression was also lowered by the use of full spectrum lighting. 

Another study found that over 4,000 children developed observable deficiencies associated with improper light illumination. Improvements in lighting, seating & decor were instituted in schools, resulting in the following student improvements: 65% reduction in visual difficulties, 47.8% decline in nutritional problems, 25.6% reduction in postural problems &, finally, over 43% decline in chronic infections & fatigue. 

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The Importance of Natural Light Sources 

The human body has evolved under sunlight & has not adapted to artificial lighting. Research shows that ideally the body needs at least 2 hours of natural light a day. Natural light affects hormone production by activating the hypothalamus, which governs bodily functions such as appetite, mood, temperature & libido. Light also stimulates the pineal gland, which regulates melatonin production that controls the quality of our sleep. 

Full spectrum light generated by the LifeBulb™ bulb is the closest we can get to natural lighting indoors; & during dark winter days it can help fulfill our body’s need for natural light.

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What Happens If We Don’t Get Enough Natural Light? 

Full spectrum light deprivation can undermine our health in many ways. Many people notice symptoms such as tiredness, lethargy, sleep imbalances & a craving for carbohydrates that can result in an unwanted weight gain. These “winter blues” in an extreme form are known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which can cause depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, an inability to cope with stress, a weakened immune system, & a reduced sex drive. Scientific evidence also shows that not receiving enough natural light can also interfere with calcium absorption in the body & contribute to brittle bones. (One of the reasons I LOVE living in South Florida!)

My own personal study consists of me living in New York, where the winter days were long & dreary. I was depressed often, suffered anxiety, was sick often with colds at least 4x’s a year & my self-esteem was almost non-existent.Two years after moving to South Florida I noticed I hadn’t gotten sick since leaving NY, I felt more confident (the tan helped!) but most of all….I wasn’t depressed or anxious anymore! I remember a study I participated in at Stony Brook University in Long Island using a light box. I did see a notice in my depression & anxiety but nothing compared to being out in the natural sunlight & living here in Florida we have TONS of natural sunlight! This experience was the beginning of my Crystal Light Chakra Therapy (chromotherapy) journey, which is what I share with my clients today.

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What is Color Light Therapy? 

Many ancient cultures practiced the healing power of colors for restoration of the bodily & spiritual equilibrium. In 1903, Professor Niels Finsen received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his research about light & color. At the turn of the 19th century, the Sicilian physician Dr. Sciascia used colour therapy successfully for rejuvenation treatments. Witnesses had said that he looked like a 30 year old although he was 70, & that his skin was smooth, wrinkle free & he was full of youthful vigor, strength & stamina (one of the many reasons I love the benefits of Crystal Light Chakra Therapy!). This knowledge of the natural effect of colors as a gentle therapy method is gaining more recognition for modern anti-aging management & in the near future will play an even more important role in health & healing procedures.

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Why Do Our Cells Respond to Color? 

Research has shown that cells not only radiate color, but can also receive color. Using reflex zones & acupuncture points as a point of entry for color, the body’s mechanisms seem to respond to & develop with “color energy.” The German physicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp proved that the cells of all living beings emit “biophotons” (light quanta). This radiation represents a regulating energy field, which influences the total biochemical processes inside us. Crystal Light Chakra Therapy treatments give our cells energy! 

The human body needs color vibrations to live, because colors mean life energy. Bad light conditions, denatured nutrition, artificial light, electro-smog & stress are already enough to weaken the life energy that is the color vibrations of the cells. Weakened life energy can eventually lead to physical & mental illnesses. 

With a Crystal Light Chakra Therapy treatment you receive a holistically developed color-balancing program for beauty & wellbeing. The color impulses help balance the metabolism of the cells & improve the energy supply of the body, mind & spirit. 

To learn more about our Crystal Light Chakra Therapy treatments, education & products, contact us today!

Stay colorful….

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