Creating Harmony in 2020

Well it’s finally here…2020! Just the numbers 20 & 20 create balance & harmony. Perfect vision is 2020. Clarity, Harmony, Balance, Clear Vision. That’s what 2020 is bringing us. We’re only a couple of weeks into the new year & it already feels chaotic so wtf??

Yep it may feel crazy, yep it kinda sucks that as soon as the clock struck midnight we immediately didn’t see the clarity, we didn’t feel the balance & harmony & blah blah blah.

Well did ya really think it was going to immediately appear? You know we need to TAKE ACTION, we need to create that communication between our conscious self & our higher self. We DO need to do some work! So why did January start off with craziness? Glad you asked! It’s to help us become aware of what we NO longer want, it’s giving us the opportuinity to take INSPIRED action in order to move into alignment with what we DO want. You know what happens when we wait for the right moment? It NEVER comes, so the Universe pushes us out of our comfort zone (which some of us are feeling or feel it’s coming) & tells us THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME!


So yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable, it’s going t feel chaotic, it might even feel like the death of our old self (which is pretty painful!). So what can we do in order to ease this shift? BREATHE! Yep we’re always reading about breathing, experience breathing & are told when we’re having a breakdown to, um, breathe! Breathe, breathe into this moment. Whatever is causing your fight or flight response is gone! Finished! Over! Breathe out of the moment of 10,000 kizillon moments ago. It’s over. Breathe & focus on that breath until you are present. Whatever was causing the panic is over & done & not in this moment so Let It Go! Yes easier said than done, just keep breathing! 3-4 deep conscious, focused breaths should do it. Now ask yourself “what can I do right now that will take me a step closer towards where I want to be?” Keep breathing those focused breaths & notice what ideas, messages, thoughts come up. This is your inner guidance! This is your inner GPS! Yep we just ask, like Alexa! Breathing helps us understand how the answer/guidance comes to us.

I’m currently in school, getting certified as a Spiritual Coach & Transpersonal Psychologist. One of the classes I’m in now is teaching me the connection of prayer & mediation & the effects on our energetic body. Guess what I’m learning to do? Yep, BREATHE! Conscious breathing & noticing how my energy body is vibrating. How my thoughts are consciously affecting my body’s response & the energetic vibration those thoughts are creating. So yes it is that simple…breathe. Is it easy to implement in a state of chaos? Um no but it IS simple!


Here is a simple buddhist mediation that helps me when I find myself getting frustrated or in a state of “over thinking”…

“Nourishing the Body” meditation

  • Breathing in, I know I’m breathing in, Breathing out I know I’m breathing out
  • Breathing in, my breath grows deep, Breathing out, my breath grows slow
  • Breathing in, I calm my body, Breathing out I feel at ease
  • Breathing in, I smile, Breathing out I release
  • Breathing in, dwelling in the present moment, Breathing out, it is a wonderful moment

The first breath brings the body & mind back together & return to the present moment & be in touch with the wonderful life which is happening in this moment. After 2-3 x’s we become lighter & freer & feel at ease in our body & mind. We create the zen of calmness in this moment & the joy of mediation continues to nourish us as we continue to breathe slowly, naturally, calmly & at ease.

So let’s end January in a state of acceptance of what was & keep us connected to what is…this moment. I still insist 2020 is going to be AMAZING!

I will be doing a “Spring Clean Your Life-Decultter Your Mind, Body, & Soul” webinar workshop of March 13, 2020. For more information on this event or other events visit my “event” page!

Love & light,



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