New Moon Ritual for 2020


The Moon has many faces & dispositions that affect our body & mind. Each Moon phase  causes our life force to move & shift. This past year, 2019, has had MANY ups & downs for us, but, when you understand the bigger picture you understand the purpose of the craziness 2019 brought us!

2019 was about shifting, growing, lots of releasing & LOTS of old emotions, memories, people coming into & out of our lives. This is all to prepare us for the accelerated energy of 2020. 2020 will bring us clarity (think 2020 vision), balance & harmony (FINALLY!) & the actual manifestation of what we’ve been focusing on & working on for the past 7 years! So we needed all this crazy releasing, breakdowns & whatever else we’ve experienced this year to make room for our true desires. Now it’s time to set ourselves up for an AMAZING 2020!

We ALL Deserve IT!

On December 26, 2019 we will have our last New Moon of the year & the decade AND we will be also experiencing an eclipse! Eclipses tend to give some a sense of fear & uncertainty, however, more sensitive & advanced souls experience multidimensional doors opening & intergalactic communications & messages, which makes this New Moon a powerful one my friends. It will be in the sign of hardworking Capricorn, it’s a time to take action! This IS it!! The past 3-6 months we have been clearly planning our vision, what steps to take & setting ourselves up for the final manifestation of those visions. Well this New Moon will be sharing its Earth Capricorn energy, independent, hardworking, high achieving energy. Capricorn is associated with success because of its “make it happen” ambition. This is the beginning of a 10 year cycle for us, so let’s make it great!

I’d like to share a New Year ritual I love to use, which we give thanks for what we have and steer our lives towards what we want! I will also be hosting our last New Moon Circle in my Facebook Group, so be sure to join us for a group reading, intention setting & a powerful end to 2019 & beginning of 2020 AND the ritual below!

When you use the Moon to set intentions, you are aiming for a goal or target, which we do everyday. The difference is you use the Moon’s phase & energy as a timing tool to achieve that goal & this is a HUGE advantage!

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Before your ritual you may want to release Low Vibe Energy!


Moon energy 1-2 days before the New Moon is nice and strong for helping us let go what isn’t serving us as Luna is in her last round of deep releasing. You’ll want to tap into this energy to wash your lower frequencies away and make energetic space for what you’ll call forth on the New Moon. (Dark Moon is excellent for banishing & ridding)

  • Take a little time to ground your energy by lighting a candle (I use black for banishing what I no longer need), spray or apply something that smells delicious to you, sit in a quiet place with your pen and paper, take a couple deep breaths and reflect on the last couple weeks & past year.

Jot down what’s been on your mind & what emotions come up…ALL THE THINGS YOU WANT TO LET GO OF. Use this list to release any emotions during your Water (emotions) Invocation. 

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What you need for the New Year ritual:

  • Pen and paper
  • Incense (preferably sage or palo santo)
  • A black candle
  • A chalice
  • Moon Water or distilled water
  • A quartz crystal (or a small orgonite if you have one)
  • A small jar

Sit or stand somewhere quiet and comfortable where you can create a holy sacred space to perform this New Year ritual, or by your altar if you have one. Focus on your breathing, calm your mind and soul, and when you feel relaxed and at peace, you may begin. Write on the piece of paper briefly what you intend for the coming new year. Are you looking for love, financial stability, friendship, joy, adventure? Write briefly and generally – the Universe will bring what is best for you & your highest good, so it is best not to focus too much on specifics, but it is a good sign if when you write it you get a warm, fuzzy feeling of excitement inside! Then let us begin the ritual…

We will be using the elements one by one.


Air: Light incense, ideally sage (for cleansing) or palo santo (for cleansing and healing). Say:  “Guardians of the East, keepers of Air, with clarity , the power to know I give my thanks for all that I have. With Air I cleanse the past to prepare for a prosperous new year. For the highest good of all  So mote it be” Let the incense fill the air as you allow any negativity or heaviness leave your energy field. Visualize a bright golden light around you, growing brighter and more vibrant with every breath. Take a moment to focus on your breath, feeling the powers of Air in your lungs and body while examining the idea of clarity and knowing.  Say “Thank you!”


Fire: Light a black candle.  In candle magick black absorbs negativity and destroys it, connects with self-control and resilience, and offers strength and support in manifestation work. As you light the candle, contemplate what you have been through in the past year, and focus on releasing any energy baggage you may be carrying, disintegrating it through the transforming fire; then visualize the fire bringing energy and spark to your future. Say: “Guardians of the South, keepers of Fire & Will I give my thanks for all that I have With fire I ignite the future to prepare for a prosperous new year For the highest good of all So mote it be” Leave the candle burning until you have finished the ritual. Dance vigorously or make energetic noise, raising Fire energy. Say “Thank you.”


Water: Take the chalice and fill it with your Moon Water. Cup your hands around the chalice and sit with it, allowing your energies to merge and blend with those of the water. Fill your heart with gratitude for water, its purifying and life-giving properties. Raise the chalice and say: “Guardians of the West, keepers of Water & Intuition I give my thanks for all that I have With water I vitalize the future to prepare for a prosperous new year For the highest good of all So mote it be” Drink the water. Pay close attention to the feeling of it in your body, cleansing, reviving, energizing.  Calling up old emotions may be utilized here. Say “Thank you.” (Purge it all out, purge out all you’ve been thinking about that isn’t quite “right” yet.)


Earth: Take the piece of paper and wrap it around the quartz, which will assist in manifesting your wishes. Hold it in your hands and say: “Guardians of the North, keepers of  Earth & the Power of Silence. I give my thanks for all that I have With earth I manifest my wishes to welcome a prosperous new year For the the highest good of all So mote it be” Place it in the jar and keep somewhere safe and undisturbed. A strong moment of silence, feeling the body. Say “Thank you.”


The Center of the circle corresponds to the element of Spirit, Ether, or Force, and represents the Deep Self in harmonic resonance with the other two layers of the human soul, namely Talking Self, and the fetch. It is that which connects the directions at the center, immanence, transcendence, and life which survives death. Its’ colors are violet, white, or black, and its’ tool is the cauldron, symbol of transformation. Say:

As above, so below.
As within, so without.
Four stars in this place be,
Combined to call the fifth to me!
Circumference and center,
Woven together,
To make the circle complete!

Imagine the energies of the four elemental powers combining creating a dynamic force that spins, like a top, with its’ axis being the center of the circle. You may wish to dance in a circle to join in this flow of power!


  1. Take your banish list from a couple days ago and light that baby up (you can use the flame of your candle)! As you’re watching the paper burn and sizzle down, give yourself permission to let go of what’s being burned. Visualize the burden on your back being whisked away with the smoke by the forces of the Moon. Feel the relief of handing your worries over to the Universe, your invisible support system. This grounds you into Earth and gives you a nice wide open energetic container to invite the new in.
  2. Once the paper(s) have burned to ash, save them so afterwards you can pour them under the biggest tree you can find and send them off with the knowing that solutions to your issues are on the way!


  1. Now, replace your banish list with your NEW desire or goal for this next Moon Phase & what you want 2020 to bring into your life. Keep the list out in a place where you’ll be able to see and connect and bless everyday. If you have an altar it will go there. Really take some time to let your mind wander about beautiful possibilities – the bigger your dream the farther you’ll go. Really crystallize your desire in your mind to the finest detail and pretend you already have what it is you’re wanting. Create your Vision Board to match your list!
  2. Hold the feeling of what it’s like to have what you want for at least 17 seconds. The longer you hold the feeling the more power you give your intention. Remember this feeling and generate it every so often until your desire shows up in your life. This practice magnifies whatever you want. You didn’t come here to live a mediocre life.
  3. Once you are finished….you’ll call forth/seal your intention with your breath by blowing your candle out and saying “and so it is”
  4. Indulge in a delicious meal or  dessert and take a soothing bath afterwards to nourish your soul.

Now thank the elements for their presence and assistance then thank the elements for their energy & send them on their way by patting the floor/ground three times. Spend some time more time visualizing already having manifested your wishes on the piece of paper. Feel the butterflies of joy or the calm of satisfaction fill you. Hold on to that feeling as you close the ritual and move into the new year!

*Your vibration automatically stays up when you stay conscious of your negative feelings. If you find yourself vibrating at lower frequency thoughts all you need to do is simply think about or do something for yourself that makes you feel good in that moment. If you get stuck in a low place let’s seriously talk about how to feel better! 

May 2020 bring you an abundance of health, wealth, prosperity, love & happiness!

Love & Light,



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