New Moon In Sagittarius-Seeing the Big Picture


What a year it’s been! This year so far, we’ve ALL released a lot of old trauma, wounds, emotions & people. We’ve changed the way we perceived our past experiences, & we’ve GROWN so much!! 

As we approach the end of 2019, we are in the final stage of clearing & releasing. How we end 2019 will set the stage for the next 10 years. Tomorrow night, November 26, 2019, we enter the New Moon in Sagittarius. This fire energy (resonating with the 3rd Chakra, Solar Plexus) will have us looking at the bigger picture of our life & who we are. We will continue to seek our truth, our life’s meaning & higher understanding. 

We are preparing for 2020, CLARITY! 2020 will bring us the clarity we’ve been seeking throughout 2019. 2020 is the beginning of a meaningful decade for us. This past year our own truths have been illuminated, old karmic patterns & beliefs have been exposed, the truth about others have been revealed & most of all….our Authentic Self is beginning to shine.  Relationships that no longer benefit us (both friend/family & romantic) ended, past life memories began to surface, old childhood memories came back to haunt us, people from our past suddenly showed up. This is all part of the intense clearing we’ve been experiencing. This is all to make room, receive clarity & direction on who we truly are & what we are meant to achieve while we are in this life.

If you still are unsure, have no fear. You are in the right place at the right time doing EXACTLY what you are suppose to be doing! By the end of 2019, you will receive the clarity you seek. You will understand, clearly, the purpose behind everything you’ve been experiencing all year. It WILL begin to fall into place, it will start to make sense & you WILL understand the direction the Universe is guiding you. Just continue to be mindful of what each person & experience is teaching or showing you!

This New Moon will encourage us to question our direction in life (since the symbol for this sign is the arrow signalling our ability to direct our intention effectively). Those answers will come if we take the road less traveled to find ourselves & what is most important to us. The result will gift us with a quest, a higher purpose that ignites our inspiration to serve! Those who don’t diverge from the conveyor belt of expected life choices will struggle to make their mark as they lack the confidence to direct their arrows with clarity & self-assurance. So if you feel like your compass is off, like you’re heading in a direction that doesn’t excite you, this New Moon may challenge you to confront your need for greater purpose & meaning! 

Sagittarius is the seeker, one who takes a higher road to find something greater than the mundane material existence can offer. This fire energy invites us to seek out that which offers our soul a sense of freedom & expansion from surface level living that offers no real soul fulfillment. Since the symbol is the sign of travel, many will feel the call to travel to other cultures that offer a different perspective on life. For others the call may be an inward call to journey through some form of esoteric study. This energy is certainly one of movement & action – whether it’s inner or outer…one will often offset the other.

Sagittarius ask us to pursue that which is true for us, even if no one else around us understands our reasons or passion for our quest. If we haven’t sought & found that which really inspires our soul to grow we can embody the shadow side of Sagittarius, which is to seek more experiences & over-indulge in that which holds little meaning.

A time for healing, calling on Archangel Raphael or Chiron are both great to help assist with our healing.  These archetypal spiritual teachers share their experiences so others may grow & expand beyond their current viewpoint. This means being willing to be seen in one’s vulnerability. Since Chiron is one of the archetypes that govern the Throat Chakra, this New Moon’s energy can evoke our vulnerability urging us to confront our unhealed wounds so we may grow beyond them. So as we approach this New Moon, & the residual of Mercury’s Retrograde, old wounds may surface to be healed. If they do, this is the time to take proactive steps to prioritize your healing.

Those not willing to express their feelings of vulnerability may  shut down & experience sore throats, stiff necks, achy shoulders &/or laryngitis, or issues within the Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra), the area between your belly button & sternum, issues within this area may cause stomach or digestive problems, high blood pressure, procrastination & judgement (of yourself & others). Healing begins when we consciously enter the wound in order to learn from past painful experiences & calling on Celestial Beings to help us brings out our Inner Healer.


I’d like to share a my Sagittarius New Moon Ritual, this will help you See the BIG Picture! Treasure-mapping is a perfect activity for a Sagittarius New Moon, which is about
looking at the big picture of your life. This is about connecting the dots & envision your goals for the New Year. Even if you’re not sure what you want next in your life, working with images can reveal your subconscious desires.

You will need: magazines, a poster board of any size, glue stick, scissors, glitter glue or other decorations. (If you’re going to frame your creation, choose the appropriate-sized frame and board)

A treasure map magnetizes new possibilities into being, just like a vision board. You can make one for something specific—such as a new home, relationship or job—or simply for something you want more of, such as peace, love or health.

Once you’ve decided, peruse magazines for images & words. Allow your unconscious mind to guide you, trust your intuition. Even if an image doesn’t seem to relate to your theme, yet it speaks to you strongly, tear it out. Choose more images than you may include.

Once you have a pile of images & words, begin arranging them on the board in ways that feel intuitively right. Then, paste them down with glue stick.
When you’re complete, you can outline images with glitter glue or felt tip pens.

Then, post your creation someplace you’ll look at it daily, like the refrigerator or over your desk (this is the main “secret” in manifesting). Your subconscious mind will attract what you’ve pictured! Be patient, though, as the process can take time. It’s all about TRUSTING DIVINE TIMING! Just always know & affirm You’re Desires are manifesting!

Join us tomorrow night for our New Moon in Sagittarius Circle, we’ll discuss the planetary transits that are influencing us this new moon, New Moon group readings & a New Moon Intention Ritual. Join us LIVE in our facebook group.

Till next time…..

Love & Light,



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