Full Moon in Aries & Your Solar Plexus


Wow it’s been a while since I wrote my blog. So to give you an update, I have been revamping my business for the past year & what an amazing journey it’s been so far! In another post I will update you all but for today I want to talk about the amazing FIRE energy approaching us this upcoming Full Moon!

The last Full Moon was in Pisces, a water sign & water is associated with emotions. So you may have noticed that emotions were running high over the past few weeks. Pisces also resonates with intuition, so you may have noticed your gifts emerging! Your gut instincts have been on fire lately. Also, old relationships, memories or even past life (deja vu) memories showing up. This is to prepare us for the action year of 2020! We are in an incredible manifesting energy right now, so pay attention to what you’re focusing on & notice what you are manifesting!

Open your mind the the wonders of the universe

The good news is that our emotions are calming down & we are stepping into the fiesty fire energy of Aries now. This is about taking action, making plans to move forward, maybe even break-ups & friendships are ending. This is clearing out our energy so our true tribe has room to become a part of our journey! This is all about motivation, action & confidence in who we truly are. You may started noticing new/old passions showing up or opportunities for us to share those passions. This is all a part of our PURPOSE & who we are meant to be in this world. The energy for the rest of 2019 is all about Authenticity!! This is exciting & yes the unknow is sometimes scary. This is why it’s a great time to focus on our Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra). The area for this Chakra is just between our belly button & sternum. The color is yellow & it’s element if fire. This is our POWER Chakra, our Action Chakra. This is where ego resides & when imbalanced,  lack of self-worth & self-esteem shows up.

Great crystals for this Chakra are Citrine, Gold Topaz, Gold, Tiger’s Eye & Amber. Trust your intuition when choosing a crystal, it will always guide you.


Each month I host New & Full Moon Circles in my secret group on Facebook. I do group readings, teach about the energy that we are working with & teach releasing & intention setting rituals. It’s a ton of fun & you’re in a group of like-minded, amazing souls!

Join my Moon Circles.

This Full Moon, aside from our usual group readings & moon talk, I will be doing a tapping session (EFT) on our Solar Plexus & offer “follow up” techniques to help keep this Chakra healthy & glowing! If you’re not into the Moon Circles, some activities for this Chakra are:

Diaphragm Breathing (Pranayama): Take a deep breath into your diaphragm, pushing all the air into your belly. Feel your belly expand, feeding the beautiful golden light into this Chakra. When exhaling, force out the stale, stagnant energy that was stored there. Repeat at least 3 x’s & whenever you feel the need to activate your confidence & power!

Take the above exercize a step further..

Breathe into your diaphragm, expand & feel your power, your confidence & repeat the following affirmations with each breath & release any negative thoughts that show up while stating these affirmations.

  • I AM great personal power.
  • I AM motivated to fulfill my goals & intentions.
  • I follow my destiny.
  • I AM successful in my endeavors.
  • I know my direction in life & remain focused on it.
  • I act on my ideas & make them reality.
  • I see the results of my actions.
  • I do what I say & say what I do. I follow through.
  • I respect & love my whole being.
  • I stand up for what I believe.

Place your hands over your belly & declare:

I give thanks that my Solar Plexus Chakra is clear, balanced & healthy. I am now free of any energetic defects. I am free of blocks & move forward easily & effortlessly.

Remember you have a significant purpose while you are here, this is the time to step into it! You are in the perfect place, at the perfect time, doing the perfect thing!

Till next time…May you all be blessed with an abundance of love, light & happiness,





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