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Tomorrow is the New Moon in Scorpio. I host New and Full Moon circles each month in my private Facebook group.  For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep connection to the moon and it’s cycles. So when The Secret first came out (Law of Attraction) of course I began my manifesting journey. Well, it didn’t go as planned. I thought I was never going to “get it”. The more I read and studies it, the more I felt like I was missing something. But what?? I know we manifest EVERYTHING we experience in our lives, but how can I manifest deliberately??? What wasn’t I getting and doing wrong?

Then one night during a Full Moon ritual, it hit me…I received a message to use the energy of the moon and it’s cycles in order to deliberately manifest! Between my connection with Chakras and the Moon I knew I was onto something.

In this post I’m going to share how the moon phases work with manifestation. Even if you’re not interested in doing moon rituals, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. My intention for this article is to help you to use the moon as a reminder for things you should be aware of for manifesting your desires!

Let’s begin by a quick run down about how the Law of Attraction/Vibration works. The Law of Attraction/Vibration is a Universal Law that matches the frequency/vibration you put out into the Universe, this frequency is created by what you put your attention on, by the way you “feel” (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually) the more you focus on it the more you feed it, the more/stronger it grows. You attract to you what you believe, expect, feel and think about continuously. Period!

So the first step to manifesting is recognizing this truth and begin to become VERY  deliberate about what you’re thinking, believing and feeling. You will see proof of whatever you believe, so believe in what you want to manifest in your life. Don’t worry about the “when” or “how”, our job is to focus on “what”, the Universe handles the outcome!

Each phase of the moon carries different energy and these different energies work with us when it comes to manifesting our desires…

New Moon: Setting Your Intention(s)

The most important step to manifesting is setting a clear intention and that’s exactly the energy of the New Moon! You can’t see the New Moon in the sky, which means it’s a time of planning, not acting. This is the time when you either set a new intention or add feeling to an existing one. In order to manifest something you want, you need a clear picture of the END RESULT of your desire in your mind for the Universe to work from. Of course the Universe always knows what you truly want even without this clear picture, but your intent focus on a desire will bring it into manifestation quicker if that’s what you’re wanting.

I like to look at the New Moon and it’s energy as a new slate and fresh start. I detox myself with sage and personal rituals, journal, and write down my new intentions or add new perspective to an intention from the previous month. This is the type of work I do in our circles. Each cycle also has the energy of the planets that support it at the time. When we work within those energies, our intentions are supported by an incredible, powerful energy!

Waxing Moon: Inspired Action

Inspired action is very different from just randomly doing things. When we are in alignment of the flow of life, things comes easily and effortlessly. It’s as if we “loose” sense of time. When we are against the flow, we become frustrated and nothing seems to be going right.

Once you’ve set an intention and are actively visualizing the end result of your desire, you will have activated the Law of Attraction and things will be begin appearing in your reality that will lead you to your desire. Opportunities, people, etc will make themselves known to you.

You receive inspiration and sometimes impulses that excite you to act on. Random emails might pop into your inbox, someone may strike up a conversation with you in line at the store, repetitive numbers or sayings show up or a certain song will come onto the radio with lyrics that convey encouragement or an idea. Sometimes even seemingly drastic things can happen, like a job loss or a break up, because it’s the quickest way for the Universe to bring you to your desire. Remember the Universe is always conspiring to bring you what you desire in the most unconventional, fastest, easiest way for ALL concerned. This is where perfect love and perfect trust for something bigger than us comes into play. Just relax and allow it to flow into your life!

Inspired action feels GOOD. It FEELS exciting. It doesn’t feel like drudgery. We have been conditioned by society to believe blood, sweat and tears is what brings success but that’s completely WRONG and NOT true! PASSION brings success. Following your soul’s fire is what breads success. When you’re on fire, you’re on the right path. Yeah, you might work at something for hours, but for you it won’t feel like work because you’ll be so into it. This IS inspired action. 

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Full Moon: Celebrate, Review and Gratitude

The Full Moon is a time of celebrating and amplifying what you want to bring forward. The moon’s energy is the most powerful during the Full Moon. This is the most powerful time to visualize your desire and fill yourself up with gratitude so the energy of the Full Moon makes it all bigger. Our Full Moon circles focus on what we need to make room for what we desire to show up in our lives. By releasing blocks that come up for you, making a gratitude list, and visualizing. It really is just about feeling good, really, really good!

Waning Moon: Release and Let Go

During this phase the moon is disappearing in the sky, so the energy with the Waning Moon is one of slowing down, releasing what’s holding you back, and decluttering your mind and living space. During the Waning Moon phase, I like to let go of what no longer serves me (debt, anger, etc) this helps me focus on ways to honor the Oneness and take care of myself. It’s a time to reconnect within. We are not meant to be taking action constantly. Slowing down and taking care of yourself is just as important as all of the other aspects of manifesting. You’re no good to anyone all broken right?

When manifesting it’s important to understand that it WILL bring up blocks within you that have been there since childhood or even past lives. This is perfect because it means it’s time to recognize them and now you can heal them. The Waning Moon phase is a time of healing these blocks so that you can remove the obstacle between you and your desire. It’s like cleaning out your closet for new clothes. You need to make room!! The Universe doesn’t care for clutter!

So you can see how each phase of the moon has a perfect purpose. When we are in the flow of the Universe and life, we flow with ease and grace. When we are not, we become frustrated or annoyed, we are aware of it by the way we feel. We will either feel good or bad and that’s a clear indication of where we are in that moment.

So as you can see manifesting has a deeper meaning and purpose. We heal ourselves as we create, the key is become mindful of what’s going on in our lives and bring ourselves back into the moment. After all, we only have this moment so make it the very best version of YOU!

If you’d like more sacred self-care inspiration, connect with me on Facebook where I share my self-care routine and sign up for my Manifesting with the Moon workbook! If you’d like more direct support and community with like-minded people, come join the Accountability Goddess Group.

Love & light,


P.S. Join us November 7, 2018 at 8:30 p.m. est. for our New Moon in Scorpio circle. We will be manifesting through mandalas! 


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