Full Moon in Taurus Circle-October 24, 2018

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This month’s Taurus Full Moon also joins the planet Uranus. On October 24th this powerful energy is going to help us to find our strength. The strength that ignites when we align with our center and remain open and calm, especially in situations that are  difficult.

This full moon is all about re-establishing our excitement for life, all around change, and moving forward with peace. When Venus is in opposition Uranus we are faced with changes in our romantic life, our financial status, and all of our emotions. Allow  movement to do what fluidity must do during this time, this is the time to relax and allow yourself to move freely with the flow of life.

Use this energy to make amends with your own mind, forgive everything and everyone that has caused you pain, and to align with yourself with your highest purpose and good.

Our theme this month for our Full Moon Circle is: Release What’s Blocking Your Happiness. Join us on October 24, 2018, 8:30 pm.m est for Divine guidance through a group reading and a powerful releasing session that will guide you to find your calm and align with your center releasing the pains that are blocking the happiness within you.

The Full Moon is about awareness and releasing. This IS the time to manifest and visualize the life you truly want. It’s time to forgive and let go. This is YOUR time, time to dream, feel excitement, show compassion (for yourself and others), and moving forward empowered with peace, love and light. It’s all within you.

See you Wednesday!

Love & light,




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