Mindful Monday Minute: Start Your Day Mindful

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Mindful wake-up is a practice that I enjoy and sets the mood for my day. No matter what the day brings, I believe waking up mindful opens my 3rd chakra (our power chakra) and gives me the courage and power I need to conquer the day!

Even though the unconscious mind is in charge of most of our decision-making and behaviors, this practice can help you align your conscious thinking with a primal emotional drive that our lower chakras care about. Beyond safety, these include motivations like reward, connection, purpose, self-identity and core values.

Setting intentions before you begin your day (keeping those primal motivations in mind) strengthens the connection between your chakra centers. Doing so can change your day, making it more likely that your words, actions and responses, especially during moments of difficulty, will be more mindful and compassionate.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Mindful Monday Minute.

Have a magical week my friend!

Love & light,


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