Mindful Monday Minute:Mindfulness in Your Morning Routine

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Every moment is an opportunity to start fresh, to become fully awake to our lives in the present moment and let go of the past. In fact, to become fully awake to the present moment with mindfulness is itself to let go of the past.

In every moment that we’re mindful, we’ve decided to live our lives most fully and have chosen freedom instead of the chains of the past. And this doesn’t have to be something specific like a relationship or difficult challenge, it can be anything.

One of the most beautiful and powerful tools I’ve found for helping me live with more mindfulness has been my morning routine. And indeed, I’m not alone in seeing the power of morning routines.

The morning is a special time for us to be with ourselves, reflect within ourselves, and simply be present to the peaceful silence of the morning.

Whatever you do, do it with mindfulness, fully present for the peace and quiet of the morning and find solace in the silence. Silence can be a very nourishing and empowering experience.

This activity is designed to bring mindfulness into your everyday life. Choose one activity each day that you often do in automatic pilot. Activities such as brushing your teeth, showering, connecting with nature while enjoying your morning coffee or tea.

When the time comes for that activity, do it in a fully mindful frame of mind. Pay
attention to the activity itself, what is happening right now. With teeth brushing you
might feel the touch of the brush on each tooth and the gum, note the noise it is
making become aware of the taste of the toothpaste. Just like in the breath awareness,
if you find yourself thinking of other things then note it for a second or two and return
to the sensations associated with brushing your teeth.

Enjoy this week’s Mindful Minute!

Love & light,



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