Mindful Monday Minute: Focused Attention

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One of the key ingredients to success is focus. Many people consider it as the most crucial element for success. This is simply because focus acts as a gateway to all your thinking mechanisms which includes memory, problem solving, decision making, learning, & perception. This is why it is very important to know how to increase focus if you want to achieve success.

No matter how efficient you think multitasking is, the truth is, if you fail to focus completely on your tasks, then it isn’t much good to you. For example, you are talking to someone on phone while reading your email, since you do not focus completely on either of the two things, you are likely to miss out some details from both, which may or might not be important.

Being mindful means being aware of your thoughts & what is happening in the present moment. This awareness can actually help you in bringing your focus to the task you are doing.

Try this simple mindful attention exercise which will help you in increasing your focus.

This mindful exercises can be practiced anywhere. So make this a part of your daily routine to increase focus.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Mindful Monday Minute!

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