Coffee, Clarity & A New Mindset



In a world that teaches us to look outside ourselves for the answers, hearing the message ‘look within’ can sound a little silly.

It can be easy to think that the answers lie in the guru or the job or the parent or the boss or your partner or personality test.

Sometimes those things can be helpful & well meaning but they can never understand the full picture of who you are and what you desire.

And sometimes those outside sources can leave us feeling more confused.

In order to connect back to ourselves, it begins by listening to what is going on within us…in our body, mind & soul.


Here are two things I believe to be true:

  1. Only you know what is best for you
  2. All the answers you need to live your best life are within you

My mission is to help you connect back to yourself for the answers. To help you get unstuck so that you can move forward confidently in the direction of your deepest desires.

And most importantly, to use your body, mind AND soul to connect to those answers!

Our stories are so powerful. They help shape us & those around us. What story are you telling? Are you letting yourself be the victim to your circumstances or are you ready to rise above them so they can change?

We can all be heroes of our journeys…and it all starts with OWNING it.

Your life is too beautiful to let a silly story get in the way from doing something greater.

Get answers & learn the ONE TRUTH that will change EVERYTHING!

If you’ve been stuck in the pain for a long time, are ready to find the answers & transform your life, then an Empowerment Session is just what you need!

Let’s hang out & have coffee while we discover exactly what’s keeping you stuck & break through the blocks that are keeping you from the life you desire & deserve.Image result for break through session

What are Empowerment Session?

  • Empowerment Sessions are laser-focused coaching session combined with Spontaneous Transformational Healing designed to help you clear the mental clutter, uncover hidden challenges that are keeping you stuck, identify your biggest sources of discontent & stress, & release, remove & reframe any limiting beliefs & patterns. You will leave with a clear plan to move forward & a new mindset that aligns with your goals & desires.  During our 75 minutes together, we will dive into the core area(s) of your life that need attention, look carefully at your strengths, values, & develop a clear action plan to help you get started on the path to deeper connection, more fun, & a lifestyle that nurtures your needs.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone wanting to get to the root of their feelings of disconnect & unhappiness & develop a plan to create the love or life they really want.
  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, & stressed by life who want support in figuring out how to reclaim a sense of balance & ease
  • Anyone looking to set achievable goals for their relationships, personal growth, and/or professional life
  • Everyone who believes that a little expert advice can always help you jumpstart the next move in your life

What’s included?

  • 75 minute coaching session, in person (SE FL) or via video conference
  • specific recommendations & resources to support your journey
  • follow up email consultations for 30 days to clarify or process anything we discussed in your session
  • a clear plan for the next 3-6 months

What’s the investment?

Empowerment sessions are $185. Payment in full is due prior to each session.

Schedule your Empowerment session.  A strategy session is not required before booking your Empowerment session, however, you are welcome to schedule a  strategy session first if you have questions before committing to our laser focused session.

Just one conversation can change your life for the better.

This may be it!!

Love & light,


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