Mindful Monday Minute: A Way Of Seeing


This morning, here in south Florida, it’s raining. The sun is shining, the sky is mostly clear & yet it’s raining. If you were here with me, you’d see beautiful shades of yellow & orange reflecting through the rain drops. A cluster of white, fluffy clouds & a halo of golden light peaking through them. The large rain drops bouncing off the driveway while the leaves, grass, & flowers soak up the sunlight & rain. A gentle breeze flows through the fronds of the palm trees, flowing so gracefully with the wind.

The possibilities of perception are limitless, & clear seeing is joyful! Looking at your world from a different perspective changes the way you view your world. We never look at one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things & ourselves.

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The funny thing about seeing is that you can be looking at something, the screen you are currently looking at or the road ahead of you, & also be thinking of another event in your mind. Your capacity for visually engaging with information can come from outside stimulation or inside stimulation. In fact your mind is always moving so fast you are lucky if there are only two competing visuals!

So today, or even better, this week, bring the practice of mindfulness to looking at your world. Re-learn your world, see it from a new perspective. Take a moment now to just look around where you are. Really look. Notice what you see, notice what the light hits, notice the things you often ignore.

Enjoy the video below on Mindful Seeing, try adding seeing AND breathing. Breathing comfortably, notice what your eyes pay attention to as you breathe. Think about how you take in breath, how you absorb it. How the oxygen from the air gets absorbed into your cells. Now turn your attention to seeing…mindfully!

To look is an act of choice. What you look at & how you choose to look can be a source of mindfulness!

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