Mindful Monday Minute: Letting Go

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With all the intense energy around us right now, there is no question we are in a transformational month. The effects of this current energy likely comes in signs of increased anxiety & emotions, irritability, frustration, impatience, lethargy, & forgetfulness. Our past may seem to reappear in order to forgive & make amends so we can move on.
This is a time for purging.  Letting go of anything destructive in our lives, including bad habits, obsessions, negative repetitive thinking, & toxic relationships. Attachments to people, belongings, or situations are the root of our pain & trauma. By releasing what no longer serves us we transcend old patterns of behavior & move towards loving connections & alignment with our authentic selves.
By relinquishing our grip on things, we allow ourselves to see the world with new eyes.
Letting go allows us to be more objective, to relax, to reflect, and to heal. There are
many things to let go of, & many ways in which to do so. These skills & techniques
all lead to a healthier & happier emotional life with a renewed sense of real place
in the world.

How can we let go?

1. Be gentle on yourself & those around you:  Know that this is not an easy time for you & for others. There is no need to put additional pressure on yourself or others by  forcing this experience with good cheer. Take your time. Move through knowing that each step is leading you all to the end result you seek. Be kind, be gentle & be patient with yourself & others.

2. Let go of any shame or guilt you may be feeling or blame you have placed on others: Shame & blame often come up when we are working through letting go. Often there is a sense of having not been the person you wanted you or others to be, or shoulda been or coulda been. There’s a tremendous heaviness of not having showed up, been good enough or caring enough that weighs heavily. Instead, know that you are did your best, with what you knew at that time, just as did they.  Before turning against yourself or others, let those feelings go with compassion & love for everyone involved.

3. Envision the new experiences that await: The positives that come with letting go are in creating space, literally & figuratively, for what is yet to come. By letting go you are giving yourself the opportunity to bring in the new, the exciting, the helpful & the loving. It may be hard to say goodbye to some things but knowing that what is yet to come will be more than you could’ve ever imagined & nourishing to you & your life, & to the life of others. Be hopeful, excited & open to what is coming your way.

If you find that you or a loved one are having difficulty letting go of the things in your life, remember that it’s OK to give yourselves permission to stop, be gentle, let go of shame & guilt & look forward to what is yet to come. Acknowledge that it is a challenging experience & know that once you take the first step, then another & then another, you will find that you are moving forward & getting through it together.

Need help moving past an experience or situation?  Have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me. You don’t have to do it alone. I am happy to help!

Love & light,


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