Mindful Monday Minute-Trataka (Eye Gazing)

mindfulness_poster_UKTrataka is a yogic technique from India, from the Kundalini tradition.

Trataka or Eye Gazing is a method for developing concentration. If you are having trouble focusing, or feel too distracted, prolonged practice to trataka will help to concentrate your mind.

Traditionally, trataka is believed to cure eye diseases, purify the nervous system, &
to stimulate the Sixth Chakra (third eye). This chakra is associated with generating strong psychic abilities.
If at any time, your eyes feel even the slightest strain, or begin to water, close them. Then visualize the flame in your mind’s eye. Once your eye feel rested again, open them & continue gazing at the symbol. Continue the meditation for a minimum of 10 minutes.
It is extremely important not to strain your eyes in any way. If you are having any
problems with eye strain, do not do this practice.

Begin this mindful exercise on Eye Gazing, bring a loving, non-judgmental awareness to:

  • What drew you to this topic?
  • What were you thinking about or aware of?
  • Notice how your belly, chest, & head each feel when you reflect on this topic
  • Where in your body do you feel it? Is it heavy or light?
  • What emotions that you can associate with these deep feelings?
  • Are you aware of any thoughts, beliefs or patterns regarding this exercise?
  • How do you feel with increased awareness? Do you feel lighter or heavier? What came to your attention that you were not aware of before this exercise?
  • Are you willing to apply increased mindfulness in your day-to-day life?


I hope you enjoy this week’s mindful minute exercise!

Love & light,


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