Full Blood Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, Mercury & Mars Retrograde…Can You Feel The Major Changes And Shifts?


What a beautiful sight last night! Who else got to see Mars last night? A vision of beauty, (almost) Full Moon with Venus on one side & Mars on the other.  Don’t worry if you missed it, you still get to see the Red Planet up close the rest of this week. Just after Mars reaches opposition with the sun tomorrow (July 27, 2018) we will have the closest view of the planet since 2003!

This month has turned out to be very rich in astronomical events…

Besides the regular meteor showers that can be observed every year, we have a chance to witness the longest total eclipse of the moon of the century tomorrow night (July 27, 2018). This is the longest Blood Moon eclipse of the century, the total phase of the “blood moon” eclipse of July 27 will last 1 hour & 43 minutes! From start to finish, the entire celestial event will last approximately 4 hours.

This month’s Full Moon (also known as a “blood moon”, because the shadow the Earth casts on the moon making it appear red in color) & we get to see Mars at its brightest & closest to Earth, & Brace Yourself…Mercury goes Retrograde today, July 26, 2018!  

Talk about intense energy!!


Notice the color RED has a theme this week? This lunar eclipse, Blood Moon will be accompanied by the famous red planet, Mars. When two planets are close to each other  there’s a blending of their energies that create an influence on us. Red is the color of our First Chakra, its energy is based on the earth element. It’s associated with the feeling of safety & grounding. It’s at the base of the chakra system & lays the foundation for expansion in your life.

The Moon represents our emotions & feelings, Mars represents our passion & drive & Mercury Retrograde is the culprit to have more frequent misunderstandings with others. So it’s inevitable that old friends or exes re-appearing out of nowhere, as Mercury Retrograde’s reverse motion can bring up relationships & feelings from the past.  The Moon & Mars will be in the sign of Aquarius. Mercury is in the sign of Leo. In Leo, Mercury is also very opinionated—it’s easy to be self-centered or believe your feelings are more valid than other people’s, thus becoming pushier about your views. You may also be more prone to elaborate & exaggerated storytelling that can quickly turn into gossip if you’re not mindful. Thanks to the Aquarian energy, which is known for being objective but also about solving recurring issues in unique ways,this is a time where facts about ourselves & others will have us asking questions & re-evaluate our direction.


Our nerves may be a little more on the edge than they would be without the extra stress of Mars & thanks to Mercury’s Retrograde,communication, technology, & scheduling mishaps will occur. This can wrenching if you don’t like changes. You also might become aware of certain challenges arising or maybe some disturbance in your current patterns.

What should we become aware of?

  • These energies shake up & change our personal patterns. This purpose is that it moves us very quickly through thoughts & emotions that years ago we would have processed at a much slower speed. It’s all about moving fast!
  • Energies are moving fast now. The need for daily balance is something you will need & learn to cultivate for yourself in the coming months.
  • Reverse polarity will be showing up for many of us in distinct ways. A way will be you noticing yourself doing things that seem to be the opposite of who you usually are (or were).
  • We are in a phase of healing the balance of power on the planet. So, this is the time to address the places in your life where there are power imbalances & that may mean you start to behave in ways you don’t normally.
  • You may find yourself doing things at the opposite speed to your usual patterns, which will ultimately be beneficial for you, even if it feels strange at first.
  • There’s a lot of nervous energy around us right now. Nervousness can also make fear more of a daily factor, so be mindful of your fears & how it may be motivating you. Ask yourself, “Is my fear driving this decision, or my heart?”
  • If you find you aren’t getting results & you find yourself locked in a constant struggle with your goals, take a step back, take a breath & reconsider if this is still a path or project for you? Or was it just a moment you can now let go of?

Image result for we are one energy

We are all one. We may all be very different people, with very different life experiences but we all have the same hopes, desires, fears & struggles!

Focus on how you can do bring positive & empowerment to yourself & others.

We are here to be the change, the new solutions, to build what we want & need to see on the planet. So hold that focus, but also be mindful – you are not here to save everybody. 

You are here to contribute as much as you can, as much as you feel on any given day & it’s important to keep taking care of yourself as you do that. That will be your contribution & that is more than enough!

Trust how the Universe may be showing up for you right now. You will learn from it & it will change you. There is always a higher reason for the things we go through in life, even if those experiences may not always be comfortable at the time.

Love & light,


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