Don’t Worry, Be Happy!


How was your 2017? Fantastic? Horrible? Just what did you create? You know you create it all, don’t ya?

So what are you going to do to repeat a fantastic year or make sure 2018 isn’t going to suck like 2017? In just a short post, I’m going to give you all the answers to make this year & EVERY year Fantasmagical!

We’ve all (well most of us) heard the song “Don’t worry be happy”. But what exactly is Bobby McFerrin really telling us in the song? Well duh, Don’t worry be happy!

Nothing can make you happy, nothing will bring you happiness. You’re not going to be happy when…You have kids, the kids move out, you get a bigger house, more money, more of this or that! No, happiness is a state of mind. No amount of money, no one, & no place or things will ever give you happiness, you find happiness within everything. You choose to be happy.

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Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real or in your imagination, it works really, really hard in maintaining a frequency that matches what you are focusing on. Real or fake. (What’s real anyway?) So if you focus on “poor me”, what do you think you’ll manifest? What do you think the experiences you attract will contain? Awesomeness? Uh no, poor me feelings, that’s what. You will create the things you think about. Period. No exceptions.

So, OMG what do you do? Well…Right now, yep right this moment, focus on what makes you happy! What, right now, no matter how you are perceiving the situation, can you find happiness in?

You see where there’s pain there has to be pleasure, or the pain wouldn’t exist. That’s a Universal Law. Law of Polarity…where there’s light there’s dark, right there’s wrong, good there’s bad, fear there’s trust…you get the picture. No matter what, where, or how you are where you are, there’s happiness. It could be in a form of a lesson, a path that leads you to something or someone amazing. No matter what it is, it’s there!

Be happy in all things. Don’t wait, it’s not going to come, it’s not on it’s way…it’s already there. You just need to see it. If painful things come, thank the Universe for the lesson, don’t dwell on the pain, find the pleasure that exists within it. Then LET IT GO!

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Focus on what YOU WANT, focus on the things that make you happy…a sunset, the beach, beautiful flowers, your children, your family, nature. Whatever it is, your happiness is right before your eyes. Before you know it happiness takes over your life & those painful experiences, well, they won’t be so painful! I promise this is true.

So make 2018 Fantasmagical…Don’t Worry, BE Happy!

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