Reflecting 2017, Embracing 2018


As we approach the last days of 2017, I felt compelled to write about the progress this year has brought to all of us. When we take time to reflect, it’s in that moment do we become aware of who we truly are & what we are truly here to serve.

Take these final days of 2017 to really look back, think back to January 1, 2017. Who were you? Where were you at? What experience were you in at that time? What was going on in your world back then?

Now let’s fast forward to right now, how have you grown? Who did you gain or let go of in your life this year? What new opportunities have you gain from it? Who are you right now from all the past year’s experiences? What have you learned? Acknowledge the progress you’ve made this year. Applaud yourself for the obstacles you overcame & the wisdom you’ve gained. Bring this new awareness into 2018!

For a very long time I would focus on the outcome. What I wanted to achieve, but recently it became aware to me that I was missing the whole point. I was missing out on the journey, I was missing out on the true purpose. Achieving what you want is great, however, the journey that takes you there is where the fun, excitement, joy & memories are. This is where our true gratitude, satisfaction & purpose lies. You see, when we achieve what we want while enjoying the journey & not rush from point A to point B, only then do we truly see & appreciate the achievement. The lives that we changed, how our life has changes, the people we gained, the people we released, the laughing, the crying, everything the journey entailed. This is what really counts. This week I learned money can buy a lot of things, serve us & the planet in many ways, but the truth is, it can’t buy time or memories. Memories & experiences are the ONLY things we take with us when we leave this planet, nothing else.

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This week I had a valuable lesson from nature. Just sitting outside. We had a sun shower, the sun had set & the sky had amazing colors of orange, red, yellow, purple, blue. In that moment I noticed a tree, as the raindrops reflected these beautiful colors, that tree appeared to have these beautiful colored twinkling lights. In that moment I became one with everything I was witnessing. Then I thought, how many of these amazing moments did I miss because I was so focused on the outcome? How many of these precious moments did I let pass me by because I was so focused on the “how” to achieve what I wanted? How many times did the Universe send me messages to just “BE” & connect with my true purpose?

Now this isn’t about regret, this isn’t about beating yourself up. This is about right now, in this moment, what is the Universe telling you? What messages are you missing out on because you’re stuck in a loop of the past or future? What miracles have you let slip by because you were so focused on a superficial purpose? How many people did you ignore that could’ve benefited by your compassionate ear? How many times could’ve a stranger really benefited by your smile but you were so focused on your phone?

See my friends, this is what really matters. Being there for one another, being in the moment, being One with all that is. It’s in this moment do we truly find our purpose. We are all here on a journey, our paths may be different along the way but the outcome is all the same. We all want love, acceptance, appreciation. We all want to generally be good & kind. We all want happiness, health, love & yes, wealth. We need all these things. But what has this cost us so far? What have we ignored along the way to achieve these things? We can have all of that & even more. More than we can ever imagine. And, we can achieve this without pushing others aside that we believe are in our way, we don’t need to ignore that stranger who seeks a smile from someone so they can feel noticed.

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See that tree with those amazing twinkling lights made me realize all this. So I challenge you, today, right now, go connect with nature & even for just a minute, listen to what she is telling you.

Have a Blessed 2018! Enjoy the silence when you can.

Love & Light,


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