Balancing Your Chakras: Day 6– Third Eye Chakra “I SEE”


The Third Eye Chakra is the 6th chakra. Located on the forehead, between the eyebrows, it is the center of intuition & foresight. The function of the Third Eye Chakra is driven by the principle of openness & imagination. This chakra governs our ability to see the big picture, inner knowing , vision & spirituality.  It`s color is Indigo & it’s element is light.

This chakra is related to the “supreme element”, which is the combination of all the elements in their pure form. In metaphysics, this chakra, is the center where we transcend duality – the duality of a personal “I” separate from the rest of the world, of a personality that exists independently from everything else.

The Third Eye Chakra is associated to the pineal gland, this gland is in charge of regulating biorhythms, including sleep & wake time. It’s a gland located in the brain that is a center of attention because of its relationship with the perception & effect of light,  altered or “mystical” states of consciousness (trance, mediation). It’s positioned close to the optical nerves & is sensitive to visual stimulation & changes in light. Also governed are the brain, neurological system, eyes, ears & pituitary gland.

The Third Eye Chakra is very important for maintaining mental clarity & self-reflection & discovery.

When balanced this chakra is associated with the following psychological & behavioral characteristics:

  • vision
  • intuition
  • perception of subtle dimensions & movements of energy
  • psychic abilities (related to clairvoyance & clairaudience especially)
  • access to mystical states/illumination
  • connection to wisdom/insight
  • motivates inspiration & creativity
  • higher frequencies & realms

An over-active third eye you may experience stress accompanied by frequent headaches that happen in the forehead or temples. You may become delusional & create circumstances in your mind that are not really happening (a mental disease). An individual with over-activity in this chakra may also tend to be judgmental, unsympathetic or over-intellectual in their thinking.

An under-active third eye you will probably have difficulty in understanding the spiritual side of the world & the connection between your inner & outer reality. You may lack empathy for the people in your life, lack common sense, or intuition. Memory & learning can be affected if the third eye is not balanced.

When this chakra is imbalanced:

  • headaches/migraines
  • eye issues
  • neurological problems
  • sinus problems
  • central nervous system problems
  • extreme confusion
  • glaucoma,
  • cataracts
  • brain cysts/tumors
  • strokes
  • blindness
  • deafness
  • seizures
  • insomnia
  • learning disabilities
  • spinal dysfunction
  • depression &/or anxiety
  • addiction, migraines
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • earaches
  • equilibrium dysfunction

What causes imbalances in this chakra:

  • unresolved pain
  • grief
  • ignoring your intuition
  • lack of confidence
  • blocked creativity
  • head trauma
  • feeling stuck
  •  indulgence in psychic fantasies & illusions
  • lack of awareness
  • inability to establish a visionrRejection of everything spiritual or beyond the usual
  • unable to see the greater picture
  • lack of clarity


In order to start your Third Eye Chakra healing process, to restore optimum balance & awareness in your everyday life, to gain an abundant sense of purpose & strongly felt intuition, you need to seek balance of both feelings & logic to make big decisions in life.    An open, balanced Light Chakra allows you to experience trust in your own intuitions, comfort in knowing that you’re living your purpose, notice a profound difference in your atonement with the world around you, & on your ability to be mindful.


Color Therapy

The corresponding color for Third Eye Chakra is indigo. The vibration of this color can help this chakra to come back into alignment, even if it is trough indigo (purplish blue) clothes, images, food. You may also close your eyes & imagine an Indigo light charging the Light Chakra. This practice can be productively associated with lighting on a indigo candle. Eat indigo foods such as deep purple colored fruits & vegetables such as purple grapes, eggplant, plums, purple peppers, dark chocolate (helps with our mental clarity & aids in feeling more relaxed), brain foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids (such as fish, nuts, & vegetables).  Also eating an abundance of dark leafy greens like spinach, chard, spirulina, & kale.

Visualize an Indigo ball of energy spinning & glowing in the space just above where the corner of your eyes & your nose meet (in the center just below where your inner brows meet your nose) Focus on that ball, now take a deep breath & visualize that ball of energy while feeling its warmth as it grows larger & expands throughout that area. Feel the energy flow through this chakra nourishing your lower chakras also.

Crystal Therapy 

There are several stone types that have a healing effect on the Light Chakra. The original vibration frequency of these crystals help the Third Eye Chakra to realign to the matching frequencies:

  • amethyst
  • purple fluorite
  • lazuli
  • aquamarine
  • clear quartz
  • blue aragonite
  • phenacite

Nature Therapy

Light is the element for this chakra. Sitting out in the sunshine with a blue sky can not only balance your third eye, but the throat chakra as well. Feel the sun radiate through if you focus your attention on the center of your eye brows.

When the Third Eye or Brow Chakra is in balance, you see things clearly, you may even have psychic abilities. You are connected to self & spirit, have deep wisdom & ability to find meaning in life events. Meditate outside or go for a walk, connect with nature. Remember the Divine speaks to us in messages, signs, & symbols.  Be prepared to wait & be open to receiving information in any form.

Healing Affirmations

This Chakra is related to the element of Light & the sense of “knowing”.

  • I trust my intuition
  • I see & think clearly
  • All is well in my world
  • I AM the creator of my reality
  • I AM one with the vibration of the Infinite Universe
  • Unlimited possibilities available to me
  • I AM safe & follow the guidance of my intuition
  • I AM on my true path
  • I AM Divinely guided & protected
  • I AM one with all that is
  • I know how to make the right decisions with easily & effortlessly

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

  • frankincense
  • angelic root
  • clary sage
  • cypress
  • helichrysum
  • juniper
  • marjoram
  • patchouli
  • rosemary
  • sandalwood
  • vetiver
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Find a non-competitive exercise to practice regularly. Practice opening up to your intuition by setting an intention each morning to pay attention & act on intuitive signals.

Make time to be in silence & solitude on a daily basis (5-10 minutes a day are all that are required). Put away all electronic devices & sit or lie in silence, paying attention to internal sensations & cues. Let go of compition, take notice where in your life are there competitive areas or relationships, work on releasing that competitive energy &  striving for presence, collaboration, & authentic connections instead.

By bringing balance & healing to your powerful Third Eye Chakra, remember that all of your chakras are closely connected & a part of your greater energy body!

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