Mercury Retrograde – Prepare For Your Best Well Being in 2018!

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Get ready to prepare for the final, massive energy shift of 2017.  Mercury Retrograde combining with the Full Moon on December 3, 2017. The last Full Moon for 2017 is in Gemini this weekend & it’s the same day that Mercury goes Retrograde. This Full Moon is also a Super Moon, which means its energy is going to be amplified!

But, the energy of the Retrograde will slow things down a bit leaving us feeling stuck & misunderstood. However, this Full Moon & Retrograde will definitely brings things to surface. Think of this as the final clear-out for 2017. We need to make room for the things we want, right?

This month’s Mercury Retrograde will have us walking on eggshells while coping with the stress of getting our holiday shopping done while under its shadow.  It is going to be really important to think before speaking, if you are speaking from ego. If you’re speaking the truth, then just glide along my friend.  This Full Moon is all about illuminating the truth, especially when it comes to how you communicate, your true motives & intentions. So combining the two, if there’s a truth that needs to come to the surface, this Full Moon & Retrograde is definitely going to be a trigger. Mercury Retrogrades are associated with the past, and the Full Moon nudges us to clean house. Whew this will be an interesting experience for sure.

Use the powerful energy of the final Mercury Retrograde 2017!



I thought that this would be a perfect time to introduce a special 7 day blog event that’s  all about balancing your Chakras during Mercury Retrograde in the final days of 2017. Why not use this energy in the most positive beneficial way possible?  As 2017 winds down we begin to reflect upon our lives this past year. Are we filled with happiness, love, wealth & optimal health? Have we achieved our goals? Do we awake each morning to a new day of living our personal best?

Let’s explore together how to use this cosmic event’s energy coming to us from the heavens to balance our Chakras. During Mercury Retrograde, we are in ideal alignment to have the universal energies working for us. We are in a ‘slowing down’ or even ‘backwards’ phase of the calendar. It is perfect timing to evaluate & put into place necessary preparations for where we want our lives to be in 2018. Preparation is vital to succeeding in our goals. Our goals for true, deep rooted mental, spiritual, emotional & physical health takes more than a New Year’s resolution.

Join me in this 7 Day Event that will set the stage for an amazing 2018!

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