Letting Go Of Your Goals Will Make You Happier!


Goals & dreams are critical to keep us growing & improving. But what if letting go of the dream is the best thing you could do for yourself? What???

Setting goals the way we’ve been taught really isn’t the way to achieving them. When we set goals, we create a “blueprint” of what we want, how we’ll achieve it & what we need to do to get there. I know for me, my entire life I was the master at Goal Setting, yet I never seemed to achieve the fullest potential of my goal. Why is that? Was I stupid? Did I not know enough? What was wrong? What am I DO WRONG???

I was smart enough, I was motivated enough, I was educated enough, I was more determined than anyone I knew, I worked really, really hard & yet I couldn’t achieve anything more that what I already did! Why was that?

My life had become a cycle. A cycle of feeling like a failure, setting unreachable goals, missing those goals, & feeling like an even greater failure.


The answer is so simple & yet it took me over 30 years to figure out. I was setting goals, BIG GOALS & by setting goals I was attaching to the outcome, attaching to the process of the direction I needed to follow …I was attaching to everything. There’s a Buddha saying: “The root of suffering is attachment”. This was it. 

Am I saying not to have goals or dreams? Absolutely not! We need to have goals & dreams, how we attain them is where the change must take place. Imagine what your life would be like without your goals. If you never accomplished any of them. Come to peace with that idea. Focus on what you truly want. You want a new home, focus on the new home don’t make an itemized list of how you’re gonna achieve that. Our job is to ask the Universe for what we want, that’s all, the HOW is the Universe’s job not ours.

When we set goals the old way, we overwhelm ourselves with the how. What we need to do based on what we know. This is a hamster running in a wheel… Exhausting yourself & getting nowhere. This isn’t the answer. Set your intentions out to the Universe, trust that it is on it’s way to you, open up to receive it.

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When we open up to accept what we desire, the Universe sends us messages, people, & experiences that we can take Inspired Action on. This is what leads us to our goals. This is where our dreams manifests! Sounds simple right?

I know it’s not so simple to let go & not have control over what we want. But think about this…When you’re not getting what you want in the time frame you want it, does stressing over it bring it into manifestation any faster? NO! Does staying up till 4am racking your brain just to make something work the way you plan make it come any faster? NO! We have control over nothing but out thoughts. Our thoughts are what create our reality. So if we’re resisting the process of what we desire guess what happens? It doesn’t come or it’s delayed. Why? Resisting. Attachment IS resisting.

Let go of your impatience. Everything is happening in the perfect time & place. You’re not the only one in this Universe, what we do & receive effects many, many others so have patience! When you change the way you measure your life, your life changes.

Come to a new agreement with your goals & learn to let go of what no longer serves you, let go of the attachment to what you believe to be true. Let go of the what you believe you need to do in order to get to where you’re going.

So next time you find yourself stressing out or frustrated, go for a walk, sit in nature & ask the Universe; What do I need to focus on right now? Wait for your answer, if you don’t get one, that’s your answer. Just sit & BE the next step will be revealed to you in the right time. Learn to let go & just BE. Sometimes Inspired Action is not an action, it’s the process of bringing yourself into the NOW & just BE! Observe the moment.

Today I am a much happier & fulfilled person by learning the act of letting go & attachment. I’ve come to accept myself & my accomplishments. I now focus on the outcomes I desire & allow the Universe to do it’s job. After all, we are a vessel the Universe expresses itself through!

Love & light,




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