What A Banyan Tree Has Taught Me Today


Today I decided I needed to go for a walk & notice the beauty that surrounds us. Living in South Florida, we really don’t have drastic season’s like they do up north, so today I was kinda missing that autumn scene I use to experience this time of year in New York. During my walk, I noticed a cluster of Bayan Trees. So I stopped & really took notice what these trees symbolize.

Now I’m going to go back a bit to two days ago, where, I am part of an amazing New Moon Circle. During this circle, it was mentioned how we here in Florida have these beautiful Banyan Trees. That statement hit me today when I saw these trees!  I felt this was the Universe setting me up for my experience with these trees this morning. These trees were brought to my attention two days ago for a reason. Thank you Lisa!

I then had a moment of total oneness with these trees. I asked (in my mind, didn’t want to get committed! LOL) what was the message these trees have for us? What did these trees want let us know?

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If you notice from the picture above, these amazing trees are VERY unique! Their roots grow into the Earth BUT also above the ground, leaving them exposed. While I was noticing these roots, I also noticed how these roots were ALL connected to the other Banyan Trees! They all stood tall & strong with their roots exposed, not worrying about anything other than just BEing & sharing their beauty with anyone who is willing to notice. BUT they also had a message.

We associate roots as growing into the ground, receiving nourishment from the Earth. In some religions & practices, roots symbolize our other side, the darkness of who we are. My understanding of the Tree of Life is, in order to reach the heavens we have to bury our roots deep in hell first.

This isn’t about religion, heaven or hell, this is about what those words mean to us. Here’s what I got from the Bayan Tree this morning:

No matter how we perceive our “dark side” or the darkness we’ve experienced, there is NO good or bad, there just is. We grow from the nourishment that comes from our darkest moments. Those moments we think “AHA”. Those moments when we truly realize that this dark moment has created so much more, in an enlightening way. That if  this didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have this or that or have met that person. I wouldn’t have had the opportunities that came about from this experience. I wouldn’t have this new found wisdom & enlightenment. This new found strength that I ALWAYS had but wasn’t aware of till now.

So embrasure those roots! It’s part of who you truly are, you are NOT those experiences, that’s just something you went through. What you’ve learned & how you use it to heal & grow IS the lesson, it’s a PART of who you truly are, not those experiences, those were just experiences, that’s all!

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Now back to the tree, they are NOT afraid to expose their roots. They actually share their roots with the other Banyan Trees, they share their nourishment so OTHER trees can flourish as well. They aren’t fighting for space or being greedy by telling the other trees NOT to touch their roots. They just are, one with the beauty of nature & all that is. That’s all.

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So the lesson I learned from these beautiful trees was, don’t be afraid to expose your roots, that nourishment not only heals AND it can help heal others so they can flourish as well. That very dark side we tend to suppress is actually how we heal ourselves AND one another. Stand tall & be proud of EVERYTHING that is a part of who you truly are, the light, the dark & everything in between!

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