October New Moon in Libra. Escape From Your Comfort Zones!


This month’s new moon on Thursday October 19, 2017 aligns with the two most fortunate stars used in astrology, Spica & Arcturus, these two have always foretold wealth, honor, self-determination, prosperity  & success.

This new moon is all about bringing balance back into your life & with  Uranus in play, this means unexpected change is a major theme of this moon phase. We can use this new moon to release from our lives what keeps us out of balance.

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We can allow the truth to change us. Remember when life gets rocky, it is important to  seek, deep down within us, finding that stillness that no one, & nothing can take from us! Be open-minded & flexible to take advantage of some rare opportunities for riches, success, growth & honor. The key to success is slow, steady steps moving forward, but, there will be many temptations & distractions to overcome.

This is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf or starting a new project or even job. You can also question old habits, behaviors & beliefs as you search for new & inventive ways to make progress.

This is a New Moon of contradictions with high emotions & over the next few weeks or so the New Moon brings forth a need to learn, to unite with others who share our hearts desire.

This period in our lives involves new techniques, balancing new perspectives & obtaining harmony. Unexpected change & a rebellious streak could upset an area of your life.

It’s harmonious balance with the transiting planets creates a nice vortex to work from. Those born under Cancer, Capricorn & Aries may feel a sense of unrest. Although wherever these planets land in your birth chart with also be affected.

We can meet in the middle & make compromises that will give everyone a little win & keep us from going over the edge. It’s a time to come together & be respectful! We are all here on unique journey’s doing the BEST that we can!!

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Libra is the sign of relationships, so we can focus more on the people in our lives, enter into new relationships & partnerships, find more value in committed relationships of all kinds. We can be more supportive of the people we care about, show more commitment, & work on balancing our wants & needs with the wants & needs of others.

For the next couple of weeks when you find others irritating you, ask yourself ;

“Why am I reacting to this in this way? Do I BELIEVE this about myself?”

A New Moon provides a new start.  Use it wisely!

Love & Light,


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