October 5, 2017 Aries Full Moon…Break Through Obstacles That Are Holding You Back!

Heart shaped moon reflected in ocean

On Thursday, October 5, 2017, the gorgeous Harvest Full Moon, is guiding us through an interesting time of transformation & action.

The aspects for this full moon are moon opposite Mercury, an enjoyable mix of playful & serious energy. This is a time when we need to self-reflect on our previous experiences with our relationships & friendships so we don’t repeat them again!

A great chance to heal old wounds & mend broken connections with loved ones.

Ruled by Aries, which signifies strength and power, this Full Moon also happens to fall in an “11” Universal Month (10+2017=1+10=11). The 11 is known as the “Master Manifester”, so prepare yourself…The days before & after this powerful lunation are a potent time for creating the life you desire!! Think about WHAT you really are attracting!

So what does this mean? Even if you don’t “believe” or “understand” what all this energy talk  is all about, when the Universe sends us signs it’s time to change, THEN IT’S TIME TO CHANGE! Your situations, relationships, inner thoughts, experiences & everything in between begin to start the shift based on the energy that surrounds us.

For example, my childhood best friend & I were talking about our own self-doubt the other day, our fears on a deeper level. Well this popped up yesterday & guess what this Full Moon’s energy is about? Obstacles, obstacles that mimic fear! We all THINK we have obstacles that prevent us from doing what we want or moving forward in our lives, however, these obstacles, no matter what they may be, are usually representations of fear! Coincidence? I think not. I don’t believe in coincidences.

This Aries Full Moon contains a sensitive energy persuading us to follow our intuitions to live in the moment & seize the opportunities which present themselves around us. Each Full Moon of every month contains a unique vibration a special energy with which to work with. The Full Moon in all its magnificent glory represents the universe itself a reflection of cosmic events shone upon the earth. The perfect time to align your magickal intentions for enlightenment , psychic insight & visions of the future.

What we think & feel is so powerful that often the obstacles that we attract are a result of the vibrations of the fear that lives inside. Then again, sometimes obstacles are necessary as they allow us to weigh up what we really want & what we are willing to do to make it happen. Obstacles also help to direct us on our path. We can’t know light with the dark, right without wrong or feeling good without feeling bad. One CAN NOT exist without the other.

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This Aries Full Moon is going to be an obstacle demolisher! Whatever obstacles are in your way, this Full Moon is going to help you smash past them & see your path much clearer. Allow yourself to be captivated & driven by the creative fire spirit, the unexpected disguise of ideas & visions from the universe to your conscious awareness.

So for this Full Moon, look for clarity in projects that lay ahead for you. Grasp this potent energy & work your magic!

Light a green candle (Heart Chakra/Love) on the night of the full moon for peace, tranquility & set the intent for your wishes & desires!

Happy Aries Full Moon my friends & happy manifesting!

Love & Light,



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