September 20th New Moon in Virgo, Your Healing Journey


The September 2017 New Moon will be guiding us on a healing journey, it will remind us of the most painful wounds we have suffered. It’s an important step in the process of moving forward, we must begin focusing on the healing process. This will involve adapting to unexpected changes or making adjustments to your long term hopes & dreams.

If you have had a physical complaint or an emotional wound surface in the last few months, the Virgo New Moon is going to inspire you to take action in order to bring your body back into balance.

This is a special New Moon, on September 20 this is the first new moon since the total solar eclipse on August 21. Eclipses mark the beginning of a six-month phase with certain goals or aims.  Each new moon within the eclipse cycle represents a new stage of development of your long-term goals.

It is important to be flexible & adapt to changing conditions. Try to go with the flow & fit in. If you resist change & become arrogant or disruptive you will suffer losses or miss out on good opportunities! You don’t need to totally change direction but to make careful adjustments.

Under the influence of the September New Moon, we are all being called to really pay attention to the condition of our mind so we can heal & step into our power.

We all have a power state that we can shift into when we have learned to take care of ourselves & address any toxic & negative thoughts, & this New Moon is going to be our guide!

The Virgo New Moon is going to bring healing energy to all corners of our lives so we can mend any wounds that may have surfaced.

This is a good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of Virgo. These include building our powers of healthy, taking action, beginning a new project that requires attention to details, becoming organized, taking pride in our accomplishments (big & small), starting a health regime, researching nutrition, paying attention to our diet, setting up specific routines that will help us manage our lives in constructive ways, handling the finer details of our day-to-day life in an organized & free our minds of clutter!

To sum this up, when the Moon is in Virgo, we instinctively gravitate towards practical activities under the influence of a Virgo Moon. We will urge to set things right, we might easily find ourselves re-organizing and rethinking plans. Emotional satisfaction comes from solving problems, making order out of confusion, and helping others. Health matters might come into focus. We notice the smaller parts that make up the whole, and instead of letting nagging details bother us, we might work on ironing them out so that we can feel more confident moving ahead.


For those of you who aren’t too sure about what the Moon Phases mean or the energies they contain. Here is a summery of how I understand & work with them.

New Moon-The moon is a sliver in this phase. It’s beginning to grow into the Full Moon. This is about new beginnings, setting out our intentions for our goals, dreams & wishes. Depending on the energy of the moon, in order to manifest our highest potential we need to focus on our beliefs, thoughts, environment & people in our lives & how they are all affecting us. This is the time what we need to purge as it becomes clear to us. I use this energy to guide me to what I need to heal, know or become aware of. This is the “planting seeds” phase.

Full Moon-the energy of the Full Moon is the most intense. This is the time that the Universe shines light on what we intended during the New Moon comes into manifestation. This is the time we can “see” what we have created through our thoughts/vibrations. I use this energy for anything! I use this time to make my Moon Water, self-awareness, when I really look at what I’ve attracted & manifested into my life at that moment. If I don’t like it or want a different result, I move to the next phase which is 3 days before the New Moon…

Dark Moon-this is when the moon is well, dark. Also known as the “dead” moon, this is the time when there is no solar reflection, leaving the lunar face in darkness. The dark lasts about three days before the new crescent appears. After the Full Moon (Full Moon energy lasts 3 days. Day before, the day of the Full Moon, & day after) the day after it begins it’s waning phase. It’s the ending cycle of the Full Moon. During this phase I like to focus on what I want to “dissolve”. The dark of the moon is the most powerful time psychically. It seems to lure us toward the deepest self, the longings of the soul, and restful listening is a great way to receive these messages. It’s been compared to the dormant seed under the winter snow, or the cocoon holding the butterfly. You might feel tired or crave quiet solitude. It’s important to make space for the unfolding of the spirit at this time. Like death itself, it’s preparation for the new beginning that begins with the crescent.It’s the energy of letting go & releasing what no longer serves us to our highest good. This is a good time to release debt, anger, negative beliefs, toxic relationships, etc. This phase prepares us for the next one which goes back to the New Moon.

Now as you can see working with the moon phases, you have the “energetic” support of the Universe during the entire month! No matter what your beliefs are, whether you believe in the moon energy or not, it’s there! Whether you’re aware of it or not, you WILL go through the necessary changes based on the energy at that time. So why not make it a deliberate journey & enjoy the ride?

Life is about experiences, don’t miss out on them! Remember you are ALWAYS guided & protected through your journey. All you need to do is ask & you will see the answer right in front of you!

Happy New Moon!

Love & Light,



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