How To Develop An Enlightening Attitude


There is a gift in everything.  Life is overflowing with goodness, even in those moments that appear the darkest.  The secret to finding this goodness is to consciously SEEK it. Open your mind and explore how the challenge you’re facing in THIS now moment is a real blessing in disguise. When you begin to practice looking for the blessing, your mind in that moment stops focusing on what’s wrong, & begins focusing on what’s right. In one moment you begin seeing reality & yourself in a totally new light. You find the eyes of gratitude & everything you see comes alive!

A good part of spiritual growth is definitely about shifting your attitudes out of the conditioning of limiting & negative beliefs & adopting values that are spiritually aligned. Spiritual values are those that feed the soul and expand your spirit & human understanding. Striving to become consistently wholesome, spiritually grounded, strong, compassionate, generous, self-aware, wise & of course happy, will steer you towards spiritual excellence.

Developing a spiritual attitude brings me a tremendous amount of joy when working with clients.  Why? Because doing so enables you to truly accept and embrace the Divine within. You begin to fully understand what it means to live your life as a “blended being” — a person who embraces their divinity and lives in tandem with it (not hiding from it). You become the light you came here to be and you give everyone in your sphere of influence permission to shine their light as well!

I believe we are all here to teach each other through our very own self-healing. Everyone needs a bit of spiritual coaching to shift the mind out of habitual patterns & beliefs of thinking & to be reminded that we have everything we need inside of us.

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Here are some insights & tips on how you can awaken YOUR spirit right NOW:

  • Become AWARE of Your Self-Talk

What do you say to yourself all day, every day? Most spend their thoughts criticizing, judging, comparing, & worrying. Worrying about yesterday & worrying about tomorrow…all we have is THIS MOMENT! Worrying about what happened yesterday & stressing over what “might” go wrong tomorrow just keeps us in this “loop” of creating MORE of what we worry about. This negative self-talk is NOT an enlightened attitude. It’s time to honor the Goddess/God you are and speak as one!

  • Your Environment

Know that your World IS being Created in THIS moment to help you grow. Your environment either uplifts you or diminishes you. Life is a meaningful play presenting you with reflections, signs and messages at every turn aimed at advancing you spiritually. Your environment has a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. Creating an environment that uplifts and empowers you doesn’t have to be a tremendous undertaking. . It can simply be a matter of adding a few things that put a smile on your face. Perhaps a fresh coat of paint can spruce up your environment. Surrounding yourself with beauty and luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. I love fresh flowers and I have decided that it’s paramount for me to have flowers in my environment. I treat myself to six roses at the grocery store for less than $10! A little bit of self-care in this way will have a BIG impact on your self-esteem.

  • Create Peace & Serenity

Be willing to look deeply at your beliefs about the things you wish to manifest. When you don’t get what you want, it is simply an indication that you are not yet an energetic match with what you desire to manifest. Be willing to question your thoughts & beliefs around your creation. If it’s complete peace of mind you are after, you are on the wrong planet! Having the right spiritual attitude is not so much about striving to maintain a state of peaceful bliss it’s about raising your heart frequency to embrace yourself when confronting a difficult situation. We will always encounter life lessons that are uncomfortable & messy, it’s how we handle it that makes the difference. We are ALLOWED to get angry, pissed off, hurt or jealous at times. It’s how long we dwell in it that counts! Feel the emotion, become aware of it, then Let It Go. Fill that emotion with love & release it. I know sounds easier said than done, but it’s really not. Once we are willing to take responsibility for what happens in OUR life, I promise letting go becomes easy! How you treat yourself has EVERYTHING to do with what you receive in your life. You can’t attract what you desire until you do the work & value yourself. When you are willing to look at your beliefs & choose ones that empower and uplift you, you are telling the Universe that you honor your divinity & you’re worthy of all good things in life!

  • Exercise Your Spiritual Muscle

    At times I’ve tempted in stressful situations to silently chant “Om” & say affirmations of forgiveness, now when I’m in a stressful situation, I ask if something greater is being asked of me. I ask myself, “What is the great lesson here and what is being asked of me?” Spiritual mastery requires we understand the lessons and opportunities that are being presented.  Once we begin to recognize our places of spiritual weakness and that often we are being called to exert spiritual strength in order to make a difference. Sometimes our task is to defend the right to give & be an example of compassion, generosity & love.

There’s a Zen quote that I love…


I wish you all love, happiness & light..may you find your way during your stay here on Earth.

Love & Light,




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