Final Stages for 2017 Transformation


We are already in August, four more months till 2017 is over! I remember back in November 2016, everyone posted how sick & tired they were of 2016 & what a shitty year it was. I believe 2016 was the final stage for “our” shit to surface & that 2017 was to clear it up & begin creating the life we want.

A LOT of change has gone on during 2017 so far. Now spiritually speaking, we had amazing transformation energy with us throughout the year. The partial Lunar Eclipse on August 7 has most of us swirling around in this energy & will continue for weeks to come.

August 21, is the Solar Eclipse, this is the most significant date that August has in store for us! So exciting!!

Since the beginning of the year, the Universe has been surrounding us with Transformation Energy, letting us know that it’s time to change, reinvent ourselves & our lives in many different ways. From the beginning of 2017 you might have heard that 2017 is the year of new beginnings, and maybe you have even felt the cosmos guiding you to start a new chapter in your life that is more aligned with who you are and where you want to be!

These last final months of the year is about asking deeper questions so we can uncover the root of our pain, whether it’s hurt, an idea or perception, allowing us to heal our unmet needs that has kept us bound in a reactionary pattern, a limiting belief for way to much time. It is now the time to let go, heal & reinvent ourselves aligning with our authentic “true” self.

The is no doubt in my mind that the consciousness of the planet is on the rise and even though there is still a lot of corruption in government and politics, it seems that all of this is coming to the surface in order for it to be exposed.

I truly believe WE must BE the change we want to see in the world. This year I have practiced that more than ever.

I don’t watch the news, read the paper or even participate in political discussions. By avoiding it, I don’t feed it  the energy it needs to survive. I rather focus on healing this planet, sending love & light to people who need it most, expand my consciousness so I can help others expand theirs. This is what I did so far this year.


Little by little, everything is slowly rising to the surface. I was always taught, the “TRUTH” always comes out. For true change to happen, all of this murky stuff has to rise to the surface. We have to come face to face with the dark in order to transform it into light. One can not exist without the other!

So how do we use this time to expand? Well this Lunar Eclipse, we will feel the effects of  our memories, thoughts and feelings from early life, illuminating how such experiences has shaped us to this point. Whatever our childhood experience, it may become a defining issue at the time of a lunar eclipse as we reflect on all that made us who we are.

All Lunar Eclipses are about releasing and letting go, however what makes them potent is that the Universe often intervenes and releases things from your life that you haven’t yet had the courage to release. This Eclipse is going to help you pave your own way, so stop looking to others for guidance and instead look within.


This is a time to be gentle with each other and ourselves. Listen, observe & speak with love & compassion. Remember you don’t know what someone’s journey is about, so you have NO right to judge!

This Eclipse will be guiding you to really trust yourself and to follow your own inspiration and your own calling, rather than trying to live up to other people’s or society’s expectations!  This is a time to remember just how vital it is to attend to our inner world, our emotional life, to listen to the storm within, not push it down in the hope it will eventually go away.

There is a revolutionary energy to August and it seems that this Lunar Eclipse is definitely going to be triggering this in a major way.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and break away from the heard. This Aquarius Lunar Eclipse will be forcing you to pave your own way and to do away with things that are no longer in your highest interest, letting go of what no longer serves you.

We all have our own unique energy, gifts & skills, and by owning this it gives rise to our purpose and to our true soul calling.

Use your wisdom & allow it to transform your life! Come November be the one who posts what an AWESOME year 2017 was!

Love & Light,




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