Is Your Energy Off? Beware of Energy Vampires.


Do you know when your energy is off? Can you feel when something just isn’t right or do you feel the weight of a stressful situation? No matter how spiritual or enlightened we may be, we are always learning, teaching & evolving, whether you are aware of it or not.

Most days, I wake up & clear my chakras I take a few minutes to listen any messages the Universe is sending me & I will take action when necessary. I know what I need to do everyday, but when to take action, that I leave up to my higher self to guide me. We all know that whatever is meant to happen will & it will happen at the right place in the right time. Using your inner GPS will guide you to the fastest, easiest & most beneficial way to get there.

That being said, NOT all days will go as smooth as I like. We all encounter stress, trauma & anger in it’s many forms.  So what do you do once you’re aware of your energy going off in the opposite direction from what makes you happy?

Today is the perfect example for me. I try to be constantly aware of what I am sending out into the Universe. What we vibrate out is what we attract into our life. that’s the Law of Attraction. I already have an idea of what’s going to happen today based on previous experiences with certain people. So am I pre-mediating the outcome solely based on my past experiences or is this my inner guide preparing me to embrace for what’s about to go down? I spent all morning trying to get to the source of the weight I feel in my gut & the emotions of stress. NO, I don’t want to attract ANY stressful situations, but no matter how hard I try I just can’t shake it off. Then I remembered, I know I’m about to encounter a FEW energy vampires today.

So what do you do when you feel people or a place is draining your energy? Well it’s easy to say just walk away or just leave. What happens when you can’t? What happens when by the time you realize you’re being draining you feel like you can’t recover?

Vampire energy

Are you there right now, living with vampire energy dragging on you?

Vampire energy is a name for characteristic vibe of those who, for a multitude of reasons, squash dreams, create confusion, wreak havoc and make strong, happy, talented, earnest people feel small, ineffectual and weak.

Let me start by saying that vampire people are not “evil.” At least, most aren’t! In fact, they might be people you care about deeply; great people stuck in lots of negativity. No one is perfect. Energy vampires most likely aren’t even aware that they are one!

BUT, this doesn’t make it OK to let this drag on forever as a dynamic that sinks your confidence, well-being and happiness. It doesn’t even make it OK for it to go on making you feel more & more drains, stressed or angry/upset.

These types of people, often called “poor me” types, you could easily change the subject or offer a few positive words about her relationship. This type of energy vampire usually doesn’t have underlying intentions, but may just need some assistance in getting back on a path toward uplifting their own energy. We all need help from time to time, so don’t automatically dismiss those who exude negative vibes. They may have just had a bad day, and need someone to talk to. As long as you can reach within and easily access your own positivity, this person’s energy should not affect you psychically. When you are beginning to feel drain, it’s time to move on & let go.

I’ve been learning a lot about these vampires & it seems that when I’m on to something really excellent in life, vampire energy seems to stir up all around me. I am now seeing this as a sign that I’m doing great things.

This used to be the point where (because I wanted everyone to like me) I would sabotage my own success and start a downward spiral of dark thoughts, fear and even illness from the stress of all the negativity. Maybe some of you can relate.

My home, finances and love life mirrored this wild instability. They were up, then down. Organized, then a tornado. I would be super-healthy, happy … then shattered and in tears. I started noticing that I had a belief that if I wanted love I couldn’t have money or visa versa. So guess what would happen? Yep, I had to subconsciously choose. I became scared of things becoming “too good” because somehow the good would heart-breakingly fall away. I was afraid to succeed because it meant that a wave of fear and chaos would follow.

When I finally realized I was surrounded by tons of toxic energy and many toxic relationships, I dove into every bit of help I could find to detox my life of this dynamic.

How do you know when vampire energy needs to be cleared?

You probably have a sense something is off:

  1. Conversations leave you feeling confused or unwell, and EXHAUSTED.
  2. You keep hearing the “BUT” after receiving compliments, or just plain criticism.
  3. You feel wrong for being yourself or speaking your mind.
  4. You listen to lots of talk about fear and doom, and feel fear or anxiety where you felt none before.
  5. There’s lots of complaining, but no desire for help or change. 


Signs of energy vampires:

  1. Someone trying to steal your energy will try to bring you down to their frequency. You can feel becoming “drained” physically & mentally when around them.
  2. They’re in a great mood then flip to the dark side. Sometimes when coming into contact with someone who is trying to steal your energy, they’ll initially greet you with joy, as if you’re the person they’ve been waiting to see all day. Once they know they have you in their territory, they flip the switch and smother you with the overwhelming amounts of negative energy they give off. It can feel suffocating, but you can always find a way to keep them from getting away with stealing your energy.
  3. They make you feel bad for them, they play the “poor me” card. They will convince you that their life is so terrible & why they NEED to feel so miserable. They will often display a self-pitying behavior without making any indication that they want to take responsibility for their own energy. In this case, you will need to contemplate letting the person go. Even if it’s a close friend or family member, you cannot have a healthy relationship with someone who refuses to take control of their life and at least work on becoming a more positive, independent person.
  4. They make mountains out of mole hills. People who try to steal your energy will often overreact to the smaller, less important things in life, simply to feed off of the strong emotional response that comes with their reaction. If the barista at the coffee shop made a hazelnut latte instead of a white chocolate mocha, they are the type that will act as if their day is ruined. Instead of letting them overreact, be sure to make the optimistic view apparent and remind them that this whole human experience naturally comes with imperfections and disorder, because life is simply an experiment. We all came here to learn and grow, and that involves failing, making mistakes, and adjusting to whatever happens. But please keep in mind some energy vampires DO NOT want to go anywhere positive energy. Their comfort zone is within their negativity.
  5. They constantly point out the negative in everything. They are the “BUT” people. Anything positive will end with the “but”. They only want to fuel themselves with negative energy or turn ANY energy into the negative, but they also want to make sure that you don’t have any left over for yourself.  They will consistently try to make you see the sour side of things, fill your head with doubt, and make you feel like you aren’t good enough to receive the positive energy you deserve.

There are many more signs, but generally, life feels smaller, less vibrant and less full of opportunity when you get deeply involved in the vampire dynamic.

Have you been there? Are you being dragged down a bit too much right now?


Here are some techniques to balance & protect yourself from energy vampires:

1. Make awareness a big deal. Being in a state of awareness you are able to “feel” the exact moment your energy or thoughts change. This is where you can change what you ARE attracting!

Once you see what’s happening, you can change it, even if it’s challenging. Taking responsibility for participating in this dynamic, rather than being a victim of it, is a great way to start clearing space. Remember like attracts like, if there’s something you “don’t like” about someone, that’s a reflection of what you don’t like about yourself. Your life is yours, no one has the power to create your life but you. Stop blaming outside yourself, accept what’s going on, take responsibility for the fact YOU attracted this, transmute it & replace it with a positive affirmation. This is a great way to begin clear old beliefs & patterns.

2. Ignore the haters. Someone trying to steal your energy will drag you down to their level!

I used to try to reason with haters. Not every energy vampire steals other people’s energy knowingly or maliciously; maybe they just need a little guidance and support along their journey. Try viewing that “negative Nelly” with compassion. THEY have the problem, it’s not yours. It only becomes yours when YOU feed it. Send them love, they need it the most.

3. Declutter your life of as many of these people and situations as you can.

I’ve learned to love many people from a safe distance, especially the people who were abusively negative. There’s no right way to do this. You don’t have to be mean. Remember like attracts like, once I stopped feeding into the toxic energies around me, they disappeared. People I spoke to daily just kinda slithered away for no good reason, but I knew why they no longer were attracted to me, there was no common vibration any more. That’s a clear indication of your progress!

4. Build up your own radiant energy.

When you’re stronger, you’re more resilient! Baths in Epsom salt are relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating. Clean your house. Eat more plants. Lay in more sun. Get deep into self-love. Meditate.

You’ll know when you’ve succeeded in your vampire energy detox when life is brighter, your home is more organized, you’re happier, more energetic. You’ll sleep more soundly.

It’s amazing how much more free time you’ll have. Money and love might even flow easier to you! You’ll get your personal magic back. The benefits of this detox, you may inspire some people around you to detox their own negativity and thrive with you!

5. Create a sacred space for the things that matter most to you.

I am a true advocate for this. I think it’s so important to have some kind of sacred space or alter. In this place you can have what is sacred to you (just you), what inspires you, what helps you stay grounded. Create a safe space for precious things — like your art or your relationships — to flourish amid vampire energy. You only allow the most supportive people you know to share in these aspects of your life. Your sacred space stay 100% off limits to all but the people in your personal inner circle.

When someone is trying to steal your energy by making you focus on the negative,  immediately do something else to take your mind off of it. This shows great accountability and self-respect for your own well-being, and clearly tells the person trying to drain you that their presence is no longer welcome. We might not always have the immediate opportunity to walk away in that moment but we can ground & protect ourselves from them sucking us dry.

Love & Light,



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