Do You Hear The Universe Speaking?


One day last week I heard a persistent chirping from a bird outside. I go out on the patio & about 2 feet away in the desert rose bush I see a mockingbird chirping away kinda right in my face. I thought wow how cool is he. Well for the entire day he sat either in the bush or on the roof next door chirping away. This went on for a week straight. After a while I started getting annoyed because he wouldn’t stop, I even asked him what he wanted! He just mimicked me. Then during that same week I went to feed my friends dog & as I was leaving her house I almost tripped over what I thought was a stick but was a snake. Usually I think I see a snake & it IS a stick, but not this time! So today, after hearing & seeing him all morning again, I decided to look up what a mockingbird & snake symbolizes, I was amazed at what I read…

“When Mockingbird appears to you it is time to sing a joyous song of life. With one of the prettiest vocalizations of the bird family, his medley of calls is a culmination of many other birds, likewise, your song is a medley of circumstances, experiences and those that surround you. Rapid succession is events are about to unfold, if they haven’t already. Experiences will expand your spirituality in a profound way. Mockingbird teaches the art of adaptability and going with the flow. He is about following your soul purpose and recognizing innate abilities. Communicating is part of what Mockingbird teaches. He also flushes negativity with his voice. Are you using your song to bring joy? This animal is also a fierce protector of its environment. Are you watching your territory for those that come too close? He will teach fearlessness and strength. Even with strength in defenses your song matches few to bring joy and harmony to many people. Mockingbird will teach how to accomplish this balance.”

And now here’s the snake:

“It is not unusual for folks to seek out Snake symbolism and meaning when you need to heal or transform your life in some manner that improves the overall quality of living. Because the Snake moves along the ground, many connect this creature to the Earth’s most primal energy and the force of creation itself. Additionally the Earth element aspect of Snake reminds us to keep one foot on the ground even when exploring Spiritual pursuits.”

Would you believe right after I looked these meanings up, that mockingbird was gone! He’s not outside anymore at all. I guess he knew I got his message!

Now for what I’ve been going through the past couple of months…

I’ve always known what my purpose was but I wasn’t not sure how I should expand it.   Everyday I have so many ideas I’m so passionate about that I mean to implement but get distracted & end up talking myself out of them because I don’t feel the same passion as I did when I first thought of them.  I’ve been working on new energy techniques that I am using to heal myself physically & would love to help others do the same, and yes I started questioning that aspect too.

Right now we are going through a transformation phase with the full moon that just passed & the new moon on June 23. So yes, this energy plays a big impact on what’s going on & how we feel. This simple means out with the old & make room for the new. You might feel it too, this is also a great time to re-evaluate what’s important & what we need to break free from. Anything that no longer serves us needs to be released right now. And now thanks to my spirit animal friends, they helped bring clarity to what I should be focusing on & stop questioning the process of life.

So the point of this story is, if you just stop & BE in the moment you will receive messages. There are signs every where…the Universe is always ready to guide us if we just listen!

Till next time…………


Love & Light,



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