Is Addiction a Form of Mind Control?


It’s amazing how many people of all races, nationalities, ages & backgrounds are becoming addicted to one thing or another. Pain medicine, heroin, food, sex, shopping, alcohol, the internet, what ever is out there we are becoming addicted to something!

After my own epiphany, I realized that any substance we become addicted to creates an altered state, this is an attempt to reconnect with source.

I just finished my astrology chart & there was Neptune prominent in it, now Neptune rules  intuition, spiritual enlightenment, mercy & compassion. The more negative manifestations of Neptune include deception, trickery, deceit, guilt, and addiction! I find this amazing since most addicts have their epiphany FROM their addiction!


The disconnection from the Divine leaves a hole that we constantly try to fill or patch up, but the ONLY way to fix that hole is to reconnect to the Divine. There is NO pill or No One that can do that for you but YOU! Self-actualization leads to respect, self-esteem & confidence. Our life pyramid (love, wealth, health & happiness) must be complete in order to feel whole again, an crumbling pyramid will only cause addiction (physical or emotional), loss of self-esteem, loss of friends & family, loss of security & most of all the essentials that support life for us.

Now I know first hand what it’s like to be addicted to something but, it seems things are getting worse the more informative we become. Why is that? The government with their public notices really isn’t scaring anyone obviously, so what gives?

Well I have been thinking about this for a LONG time & here’s what I think…

First, a “war” on anything is NOT going to solve a problem, that’s just bullying, in any war you just want to be right not necessary create a solution to a problem.  Like the road to hell…it might have been paved with good intentions….then again MAYBE NOT.

Anything we focus our energy on is going to create more of that energy, period! So when we focus on all the things that are wrong with the world we are creating more of that problem. We should focus on the solution, & yes I know that isn’t easy to do, but neither is the “war” on anything…same energy level just a different energy.

So, now I ask if there has been so many amazing philosophers from centuries ago with amazing quotes, do I really believe the government has no clue what the hell the Law of Attraction is?? No they know, they are WELL aware of it trust me.

Many of our past politicians, inventors, people who made a huge impact on the world all knew how to use the LOA energy, so why aren’t current advocates using it to make a change? Instead of teaching us where to enhance negative energy show us where to place the positive energy. The media just wants us to focus on what’s wrong, no one is really looking for a solution. Look at the Manchester happened & the world went crazy, that’s all you saw on the news, constantly…then what happened? They got hit 2 more times! Why? Yes we can “blame” it on the intentions of the terrorists but in reality, we ALL focused our energy on it with the same energy that created it! FEAR!

You want a solution to a problem then we need to focus on just that…a Solution!

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) has their 12 steps…the first 3 steps are about connecting to the Divine, letting go & turning over control of the addiction. So is this the answer?

I believe it is but how can we all get on the same vibration in order to create the solutions we desire to all the problems of the world? First we must recognize that ANY addiction is a dis-ease, we can heal from the very thoughts that creates the disconnection to the Universe. Once we become aware & take responsibility for OUR OWN actions, own it & STOP looking to blame someone or something outside ourselves, we can begin to heal this planet & everyone in it. We are co-creators & a part of Divinity. Focus on healing yourself & the world will follow…

It’s no wonder that any addict has to hit rock bottom before they experience their epiphany, when will this planet hit rock bottom before we actually pivot towards the solution?

What are your thought on this?

Till next time………..


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