The Secret to the Secret


Some of you might be familiar with the book or movie The Secret. I watched & read the book many, many years ago. I understood the concept, but, I couldn’t seem to align myself like everyone was sharing in the movie & book. So was I an idiot? Was I missing something? I saw countless reviews on the Law of Attraction & how people were mastering it! Yet, here I was not understanding why it wasn’t working to the FULLEST capacity for me. Yes little things manifested but my overall life was the same!

So my mission began, little did I know at the time I what journey my thoughts were creating….

So here I am, a Wiccan High Priestess,  (very spiritual by the way), on a mission to become enlightened even more, reach a higher consciousness & MASTER the Law of Attraction. Now I want you to understand something about the Law of Attraction, IT’S VERY REAL, like an other Universal Law (like the Law of Gravity). Now just because you may or may not believe in it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! It’s there all the time working on matching our vibrations…period.

Now we all have the Free Will to CHOOSE, either use it to your advantage & manifest what you want or desire OR you just go on living obliviously & leave it up to the LAO to manifest THOSE desires (you desire them if you’re focusing on them, right?). The LOA doesn’t know the difference between good or bad, it just is, it’s a vibrational match that’s all it is & yet it’s the most powerful power we all possess!

So back to my journey, at the time I owned a business, a home, a new SUV, traveled often, well to sum it up I had a good life & I was a single mom. I was an average single mom with an average life, until the “Perfect Storm” hit….

I’m not gonna overwhelm you with all the details, but, let’s just say I went from a good life into a whirlwind of HELL! Life as I knew it completely took a 180, I met & married a childhood friend & that my friend was the beginning of the end for me.

After a short time my marriage became extremely physically, mentally & emotionally abusive. To the point I feared for not only MY life but my sons life & my husbands 2 daughters that were living with us!

Not long after I was diagnosed with MS & the doctors said they were gonna improve the quality of my life….yep they prescribed pain killers (oxycodone), xanax & soma. Now if I took all of those as I was prescribed I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be writing this right now!

So now you can imagine I was at my end. I wanted to give up so bad, I really did. I couldn’t understand how in God’s name I attracted such a situation. The more I tried to give up the more this tiny spark tried to reignite, I wouldn’t let it, you see I wanted to die. I really believe not only did I cause all this but now others were suffering from my actions & choices. So, I figured if I was gone so would their problems & everyone would go back to normal.

As the abuse escalated so did my addiction, I didn’t even know I was addicted or could be addicted to a prescription. After all they were to improve the quality of my life right??

Needless to say as everything escalated I abused my meds & when I ran out I went to the streets to get more, one thing led to another & not too soon after I was shooting heroin!

After my husband got arrested & went to prison for breaking into my home & trying to kill me I started working on myself & how I can get out of this HELL that I put myself in.

Along this journey, believe it or not I ALWAYS believed there was a reason for all this & I had a higher purpose. I just had NO idea what the hell it was. So I began searching…

After getting arrested & spending 5 months in jail, my epiphany happened while I was in jail. Of all places! EVERYTHING I have read, studied, people I’ve mentored with since I’m 17 all hit me at once! I have never experienced such a peaceful & aware state of mind in my life.

You see it happened like 3 times while I was in there & I wanted to be able to access this feeling whenever I wanted & ALL the time, but once again I had no idea how. But in that moment I KNEW exactly what the were talking about in the Secret! I knew what feeling & alignment the meant. I also realized I had it all the time I just had NO idea how to access it!

So I get out of jail & I have never appreciated nature, the sun, the rain or the wind like I did when I got out. At this point now I lost everything…my home, my car, my clothes EVEN all my make up! I had NOTHING & yet I felt like I had everything. AND that’s when I had that feeling again! It was such an amazing feeling not to be attached to anything. It was at this moment I realized what the LOA REALLY is about. GRATITUDE! Yes it’s all about gratitude.

You see we are rewarded by focusing on what want, & what we truly want is to enjoy, value & cherish all the beauty around us.  You see the Universe allows us to “borrow” what it gives us. It’s never OURS to keep. The minute we let go of the “it’s mine” “I own” ego attitude we become more grateful & accept that we are all here on borrowed time with borrowed things & then we must give it back to the Universe with gratitude for allowing us to experience such beauty.

At first I couldn’t understand why I didn’t understand this from the movie & book, well it’s not only because I wasn’t aligned, it was mostly because we all have our own journey & to put all of that into a book or movie & hope everyone will get it is so unrealistic.

It wasn’t until I sought mentors & coaches that truly brought out my highest potential & everything I have ever read, watched & learned I now realize was the strong foundation for MY journey & the reason I am still here today. And this my friends is the reason that led me to show others how to find their true purpose, remove blocks, re-write their story & change their mindset so they too can live their Dream Life!

That’s the Secret behind the Secret. Now how the hell do YOU get there? Stay tuned!

Till next time…………

Love & Light


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